The Right Choice of Color at Photography

The Right Choice of Color at Photography

The right choice of color is the essence of photography. Colors have a strong impact on our mood and can trigger certain emotions.

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We associate something different with each color. While yellow stands for sunshine and joy of life, we often think of red in rage or danger. On the one hand, we combine blue with nature and well-being, but also with sadness and cold. Pastel colors are gentle and soothing, while powerful shades of drama and suspense awaken. Therefore, before taking a picture, you should think about what you want to do with your picture. Depending on which colors you include, a different mood is created. (more…)

Landscape Photos: Tips for better landscape photos

Landscape Photos: Tips for better landscape photos

Landscapes photographing sounds easy, but it is often not.

Did you ever go that way? You stand in front of a fantastic backdrop and think: Boah, these will be really horny photos. If you look at your photos at home then they are somehow not so special and you are disappointed.

This is often the case in landscape photography, and that’s exactly why we write this article. We would like to give you six easy-to-use tips to help you make better and more impressive landscapes.  (more…)

Seagulls and Dream Sea

Winter Photography in Cities of Turkey

All photos are taken in only one week. They belong their takens.


Kamalpur Snake

Into the Wild Photos From Nature

New photos from wild nature in 2017 January. All photos belong their takens.


A Landscape from Yosemite Village California

Taking Photo Samples People & Nature

Beautiful samples to learn how to take professional photos.


female cardinal

Wild Nature Photos From National Parks

A few quality animals and nature photos from national parks.  (more…)