10 Travel Books You Should Read As a World Traveler

Travel book Inspiration – 30 travel books, which you should read as a world traveler

Finding good travel books is not easy. There are just sooooo many books to choose from. This is why we have compiled our personal travel book tips on travel, world travel and adventure.

Beginning with exciting adventure reports, inspiring picture books and culinary adventures with recipes from all over the world, everything is there. Some of the books are also simply beautiful to scroll through to dream countries. We hope this selection will serve you as a good inspiration for your own travels.

And if you’re not the reader yourself, travel books are always a great gift for travelers!

1. The Travel Episodes
The best reports for all those who need to satisfy their wanderlust again and again, for the travels and lives are one.

The authors of The Travel Episodes Volume I and The Travel Episodes Band II tell us about their adventures. And of the fact that traveling is not necessarily the most important part of courage, but rather the gift of admitting to the world and its miracles with open eyes and a waking spirit.

2. Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2017: The most exciting trends, destinations and experiences
In the Lonely Planets Best in Travel 2017, you will find the world’s hottest trends, goals and travel experiences for 2017. Lonely Planet is the one of the top ten countries, cities and regions recommended by the Lonely Planet expert team for 2017 – one of the inspiring travel books.

3. Salt & Silver Latin America. Traveling surf cooking.
Johannes Riffelmacher and Thomas Kosikowski hung their jobs in Germany, took surfboard, cook knives and cameras and went to South America to find the most beautiful surf spots. The trip was also a culinary adventure and they collected the coolest street food recipes. This resulted in a surf travel cook adventure, which they recorded in travel book form. A really cool book!

4. Breakfast with elephants: As a ranger in Africa
Gesa Neitzel dared to go to the bush for almost a year to get a training as a safari ranger in Africa. This meant a simple life in tent camps. Without internet and bathroom. The training consisted of track reading, survival training and shooting exercises. She talks about breathtaking encounters with elephants and lions, walking barefoot through the savannah and long nights under the starry sky – an adventure! As you can see in the book,

5. Bildband Weltreise: In 225 trips around the world.
National Geographic takes you to the most breathtaking destinations in the world: nature, city & country. In five chapters, extraordinary places are presented and all important information about travel time, accommodation and restaurants is delivered. In the sections “Unforgettable experiences” and “Insidertipps” special activities and places are presented – inspiring illustrated book travel book!

6. Travel starter: The best recipes between USA and Singapore
Nicole Stich loves to travel and travels to Dubai, Singapore, the USA and from Portugal to Greece in fragrant, seething pots. She has compiled the best recipes against wanderlust. From Asian, Mediterranean and Oriental to American cuisine, everything is delicious! Not a normal travel book, but rather a travel book that lets you eat around the world. Great recipes to cook!

7. MARCO POLO Illustrated book Dream World Travel: One year, once in a lifetime, once around the world
The Marco Polo picture book takes you on a journey around the world. Starting point is Berlin, where the journey ends a year later. In between are exciting 365 days, 52 stations, 52 adventures. Each adventure is told on several double pages in exciting collages. The book is a real tome and design-technically very successful!

8. Three friends, a taxi, no plan …: but once around the world
Such an idea is like most people: beer at the pub. The three guys, Paul, Johno and Leigh are coming to the crazy idea to buy an old black taxi and go on a world trip – from London to Sydney, with the greatest possible detour. Because it would also make every taxi driver who holds something. The journey takes them 70,000 km into the most remote and dangerous regions. At the same time they break two world records and circle the whole earth with their old taxi. What is the price at the end of the taximeter and what they have experienced for crazy things you learn in their book.

9. I am then gone: My journey on the Way of St. James
Who does not know him? Hape Kerkeling, one of the most famous German comedians, set out to wander the Way of St. James. He ran over 600 kilometers through Spain to Santiago de Compostela – and experienced a great adventure. An extraordinary book full of Hape joke and an honest report on the search for yourself and the invaluable value of hiking.

10. 1000 Places To See Before You The: The new life list for the world traveler
With this book Patricia Schultz offers both sofa travelers as well as world-famous surfers washed with all the water a stimulating pre-taste for the treasures of the world as it is now and allows you to plan absolute dream trips.

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