4 Information and Communications Technology Profiles Most in Demand Today

Are you actively looking for work and do not know what are the emerging professions on the Internet? From 2015 to 2025, it is expected that the growth of professional and vacant posts in the ICT sector will exceed 10%, which would translate into about 400,000 new jobs in the world, an unusual and not insignificant figure. In this article, we share with you the most demanded ICT profiles today, so that you can guide your career successfully towards the future working sectors. 

What is the ICT profile?

Information and communications technology (ICT) professionals are those responsible for conducting research, planning, designing, testing, providing advice and improving information technology systems, through specific hardware, software and applications. There are a number of professional competencies that will boost your career to limits unsuspected in the technological world, and are requested by companies towards ICT professionals:

Advanced skills in the management of computer tools.
Ability to solve problems and communicate with the team.

Specific learning and skills for the development of professional activity.
However, in the ICT sector it is common for work teams to be integrated by a large number of people. This favors that the company at the time of hiring not only pay attention to the hard skills or hard skills, but also to the capacity of empathy and the emotional intelligence of the professional.

New professional profiles of the ICT sector

It should not be forgotten that under the ICT concept is encompassed the technologies of general use, so it is possible that in the coming years we see significant changes in the level of demand for future skills for these professionals.

1. Computer analysts and programmers

In recent years, job vacancies for computer analysts and programmers have continued to grow, making these professions one of the most sought after by consultants and companies engaged in banking, services, insurance, communications, energy, etc. .

Discover the details that must have the curriculum vitae of a computer scientist, so that your candidature is chosen in the selection processes for which you want to apply.

2. Big data

The big data is a discipline that incorporates elements of computer science and data management, and in recent years has entered with force in the labor market, becoming an opportunity for many ICT professionals. The concept of big data is based on understanding that the decisions of each of the users and consumers can be analyzed within an ecosystem, based on their digital path.

3. Digital Marketing

The professional in SEO, SEM and social media is a highly demanded profile in the process of digitalization by the majority of Spanish companies, both at the title and postgraduate levels.

In this group of professional profiles is also the expert ecommerce and specialist in the sale of digital products through specialized CMS such as Magento, Joomla, WordPress or Prestashop.

4. Cybersecurity

Following the latest hacking events that hit large multinational and Spanish companies, demand for the cybersecurity expert profile has grown significantly.

In recent months, the search for professionals that allow the incorporation of anti-hacking security protocols in the company has increased along with the development of courses and specialized training in this subject.

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