4 Things Help to Shine in Any Job

1. A Potential Mentor

First, be honest about your goals. If I know someone I admire, whom I think I can learn something from, I say it from the beginning.

Then I try to find out a good topic of conversation, an intersection of our interests.

For example, I have long wanted to understand more about art and recently had the privilege of meeting an artist who is my idol. 

It turns out that he is very curious with the technology and the role he has in creative expression. So I told him: “I know little of art, but of technology, maybe we can support each other.” That led to a productive talk.

2. A Busy Colleague

Time is the most valuable thing for many of us, so be sure to respect it. You should always be prepared and get to your point of view fast.

Also choose your moment well. It is easy to decipher the instant you have to do it from body language.

When I am bombarded with 50 things at once, I feel unwilling to talk to anyone.

Try to start with your reason why this conversation would be beneficial to both, something like: “Hey, I know you’re working on ‘x’ project, I have an idea that can be useful.”

3. Get Opponent

You will never match everyone, but listening to others’ points of view will often help you build empathy with others and give you information to strengthen your own ideas.

Even with the best of intentions, things can go wrong. If you are in the middle of a disagreement, stop and listen.

Ask questions and make sure you understand what is being said instead of just contradicting it. Then say something like, “Look, we’re both trying to sort this out.”

Remind everyone who has the same goal in common and with this the tension will be released a little.

4. The Boss

Be bold and always bring something. A few weeks ago we did a competition inside the office where employees proposed ideas and the winner could develop them in the app.

A girl, who was a fellow, entered my or cina and said that her project could be the next step of the company.

He showed me at once what he had researched, understood the business, and understood our users.

Two weeks later, we hire her full time and her concept, which you’ll see soon in Tinder, is exciting.

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