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A resignation letter is primarily an information of quitting a job. However, it has to be crafted customarily. First, one has to reveal his own identity by writing his name and designation at the top right corner of the letter, and just below it he has to put the date of writing the letter.

In the extreme left side of the letter one has to mention the name of the authority to which the letter has to be addressed, his designation, and the name of the company and its complete address.

Table of Contents

The next is the body of the letter, and it starts with the information that the person writing this letter has resolved to resign. The next in the body contains the reason behind the resolve, and the date by which he hopes tobe released.

The next part comprises the feelings of the person resigning about the company he is leaving. One rsigning expresses his gratitude towards the company and the employer for providing him the opportunity to gain experience. Usually, it is intended to keep a cordial relation even after the resignation. The last part of the resignation letter contains the signature of the writer, and it provides credence to the letter.

Two Weeks Notice – Email Resignation Letter

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Standart Two Weeks Notification Resignation

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Short Email Resignation Letter Sample

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Resignation Announcement

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Formal Resignation Letter 002

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Effective Simple Resignation Letter

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Two Weeks Notice Letter Uhsyebno

Two weeks notice letter 2

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