5 Unusual Strategies to the Powerful Network

You can go your way to your goals alone – and hurt yourself badly. Or you go with friends by your side, who have already walked this path before you and know each other very well.

These friends will show you the dangerous traps before you enter, pick you up, if you fall down and show yourself how you get what you really want.

But how do you find these experienced entrepreneurs / business friends / mentors / VIPs who can accompany you and lead you on your journey to fulfill your goals? How do you do that even if you have little experience or few skills? 

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The best way to win experienced mentors or VIPs is to build up a business network.

In your network, you get emotional support when you have to make a serious or far-reaching decision. Your network is also a kind of knowledge database. However, this is not theoretical knowledge as in Wikipedia, but practical knowledge.

Real knowledge, real experiences, real defeats: because you only learn something from it. Only the people who have paid the expensive apprenticeship themselves and collected real scratches can give you really qualified advice.

But these people are rare.

You can not find them at the typical start-up event or conference, which is almost only a beginner. They usually have too much to do and work to realize their own goals and visions. Their time is very precious and they guard it like a gold bar.

If you are able to build a powerful business network, your success curve will increase rapidly.

The goals that you only wanted to reach in five or ten years, you suddenly reach in a year. Social circles, who were extremely far away for you, suddenly join your close friends and ask for advice on their problems.

Things can change quickly. Provided you have the right people at your side.

If you want these VIPs to devote their time, you have to think about extraordinary strategies.

We are constantly asked how we got to know person A or entrepreneur B. In this article, we would like to give you some tips on how to contact experienced entrepreneurs without seeming to be an annoying “fan”.

The 5 unusual ways to a powerful network

1. Pay for VIP access

It took us a long time to realize this, but no matter how smart your strategy is, with which you want to build a powerful network: if you can afford it, there is probably no quicker way to get to VIPs than simply To pay for it.

How so? For example, if you buy a VIP ticket for an event, you have paid real money and all other VIP guests know that. Obviously, you do not have any money problems and probably do some things as a business owner. Alone, that’s why many people like to talk to you – even VIPs.

This perception of others puts you in a fantastic position and the hurdle to address other VIP guests is falling. After all, you are all part of a closed circle.

At almost every conference or event there are normal tickets, business tickets and usually also VIP tickets. Yes, these tickets are overpriced and yes, the buffet you get for it is certainly not 500 euro more value than the normal ticket. But that is not the point. If you want to get to know VIPs, you have to be where they are.

You will find that these guests seldom listen to the lectures or speeches, but are mainly in the VIP area and get to know each other. With a VIP ticket, you can simply be there.

From a 2,500 euro ticket will quickly become a new cooperation or an order. Above all, you get access to completely new people and increase your network.

2. Organize your own event

If you are not yet able to raise the 2,500 or more euros for the ticket, this variant might be interesting. The host (or host) of an event automatically enjoys a high social status and reputation. After all, you are the “connector” that brought all VIPs together.

All you need is an event location (does not have to be big) and a bit of time. Write the different VIPs and tell them that you are organizing a meeting.

You can invite the first VIPs for free, and after you have the first guests, you can even take an amount for it if you want. There are various groups and masterminds that cost 1,000, 2,000 or even 25,000 euros per person per day.

Why the VIPs get there and pay the money? Because they know that there are only people who are at least financially successful and the investment will pay several times.

3. Deliver unquestioned value

Successful people value two things very much: their time and their money. If you take the thinking for them and deliver value that will give them more time or money, you are a valuable resource. If not, you are a waste of time (and thus also a waste of money). Sounds hard, but is so.

Successful people already have a large network of successful people who support them and provide added value. So you have to give them a good reason why they should take time for you.

If each conversation with you does not raise new questions but brings solutions, insights and results, VIPs will automatically feel attracted to you (and will help you automatically).

So do not ask for surplus value. Look at your expertise and skills and analyze what the VIP should do to get even more time or money. Write or send him specific ideas / suggestions and the exact advantages of this.

You are totally uncreative and have no ideas at all? Then suggest to him how to save time for him by doing work.

But write no messages like: “Hello VIP, I do everything you want. Just tell me what. “This is annoying, you have to think.

You should specifically suggest what you are going to do, how long it takes, and what you can expect. Bake the hot biscuits so to speak and place the VIP in front of your nose. In the situation, it is hard to say no.

4. Marketing the VIP

Most VIPs are entrepreneurs and have a product, a service, a company, a book or a message they would like to share with the public.

If you help the VIP get more attention, he will gladly devote his time to you. After all, it is not about you and your desires, but you invest labor and time to make your brand and business more known.

Opportunities to market the VIP: Make ranklists and introduce them there, interviewe the person, make videos and present them in a good light or share their news.

You will find that many VIPs will be happy to help you if you help them increase their platform and reach.

5. Talk to events

Admittedly, this strategy requires that you have a small expert status or at least some references.

But after your first lecture, more will soon follow. Even if you hold free lectures, you automatically get a VIP status. The one who stands on the stage and speaks to the masses radiates a certain authority.

After your lecture usually happen several things: either you are addressed by VIPs or you can very easily approach them and approach them. After all, you are no longer one, but the one who has just entertained the whole space.

A tip: if you go to an organization like Toastmasters, you can give a weekly lecture. Many members are managers or business people who simply want to train their presentation skills. This automatically has a great sense of community and the barrier to get in touch with others.

What comes after learning?
You are at an event and the VIP is in front of you. You just have to say something sensible to convince the other person of your ability, your great personality and your competence.

But what?

What do you say at first? How do you approach other people at events, in the job or in any other place?

Sometimes this can be quite complicated. All that you want to avoid is the typical embarrassing silence that comes about when you no longer have any conversation topics.

We know the problem and have been in the situation many times. Through such an embarrassing moment, one can quickly ruin the first impression and destroy the connection to the other.

This is particularly annoying when you want to talk with VIPs. Who knows when the opportunity arises again to improve this bad first impression?

If you want to avoid this negative situation and convince others of you with ease, you should look at our new product …

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