6 Ways to Make Extra Money Without Quitting Your Job

Do you want to start, but you still do not have the funds to do it? This is going to interest you.

Are bank debts affecting your health? American Psychological Association launched a survey demonstrating how the “stress of money” impacts people’s well-being. And no, do not think that I only speak of those who do not have so much money, it was also shown that the rich happens to them. 

You can start eliminating some of that financial stress by earning extra income without having to leave your full-time job aside. Steve Chou of MyWifeQuitHerJob started a couple of business while continuing to devote time to his journal work.

If you are looking for money or just want to find the best way to invest you can start by doing the following.

1. Start a service business

Starting a service may be possible without the need for a large online presence. The easiest way to start is by telling people what you offer and asking them to help you get to know you.

Noah Kagan of Appsumo knew how to do excellent. He decided to find out if he could win $ 1,000 in 24 hours starting from scratch. He ended up founding a successful subscription business that he gave to one of his students to do it.

You can steal your concept with a catering business or freelance writing.

2. Invest in real estate

Turning the “king of properties” is not always practical when you have a full time job. But nothing is impossible and you can try to buy a small house in another state and use it on vacation until you rent it.

The price is relatively “cheap” even hiring someone who manages your rents while you are not.

Commercial real estate can be a good way to invest and earn money passively. Start investing with little.

3. Launch your resources online

Share your expertise by launching an ebook or a course that can help others. My 100 Days of Growth ebook ended up generating more than I earned in my full-time job. Yes I had to make a great effort at the time of writing, but once finished, I did not have to be behind him to sell.

If writing is not your thing, try an online course. I did not stop with the books, I continued with a digital marketing bootcamp through ContentMarketer.io to help my clients acquire these skills in as little as 10 weeks.

4. Take advantage of the great influence of Amazon

Creating your own online store is admirable, but carrying it out requires many things, such as manufacturers, finding your market, tracking your potential buyers (including complaints), among others.

Instead you can sell and develop a product on Amazon without having to worry about it. Even some sellers send their products directly to Amazon without even having touched them before.

5. Be host

You can make money by “hosting” events. Choose a theme and organize it. It’s about getting sponsors so you do not have to put a lot of your money.

6. Get paid for what you know how to do

Take advantage of your free time and become a teacher (literally) of what you like to do. For example, I love skydiving and I can get certified to carry it out.

So you already know. Go outside and use your imagination to generate extra income.

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