7 Attitudes to Ruin Your Integration Into a New Team

You have just landed in a new company, or in a new service, and must therefore take your marks. Here are the 7 attitudes to avoid if you want to integrate in this new job. 

Do not know how to talk about yourself
So sure of you and your value (or ultra-shy), you land in a new team without bothering to introduce yourself. Great error. “The first impression must be the right one. So if you do not train to tell who you are, where you’ve come from and what you’ve been hired for, you’re likely to miss your entry, “warns Maya Khallouf, Coaching Coach Of Right Management France.
Always refer to the past
“In my previous job, I had set up this tracking indicator that greatly favored the growth of the CA”, “how you do not have an internal social network.” In my old box, it helped me a lot … “. To hear you, you were very well in your former position. But then, what are you doing there? Why did you accept this new challenge? In short, in this little game, you are likely to hear you say “but go back. We do not hold you back”.
Failing to observe
Freshly hired, you obviously want to show what you are capable of. And for that, there is nothing like going into what you imagine to be the ins and outs of your function. “Wanting to be fast in front of the team is a big mistake. On the contrary, you must observe the grammar, thus the workings, of the business and the cohesion of the team. Also take the time to decipher the implicit, “advises Vincent Dicecca, consultant and trainer in leadership and management at CSP. In case of conflict, for example, how is the problem managed? What is the chosen method of resolution? “If a foreign body comes to shake the established functioning of a team, it’s a safe bet that it will be rejected. Worse, that the team will strengthen its cohesion against this new element, “he adds. Be patient.

7 Attitudes to Ruin Your Integration Into a New Team

Fighting in the boss’s office
It’s tempting when you’re new to seek protection from his manager. Often to reassure, sometimes to make sure to be on the safe side. “This approach is likely to deeply annoy the rest of the team. Look for feedback from his boss, but not always, “says Maya Khallouf.
Refuse lunch with colleagues
Good and benevolent, some colleagues will probably invite you to share the break with them. “To refuse would be to show non-openness to others and lack of curiosity,” says Maya Khallouf. So even if you had planned lunches outside or if you had pilates, cancel and enjoy it to exchange informally with your new colleagues.

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Do not offer anything
You will probably say “Do you know, observe or act?”. Yes, but observe does not exempt you from acting. So take action but within the limits of the perimeter that is your responsibility. Show your added value but never to the detriment of the forces in place. For this, suggest without imposing.

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Do not seek feedback from the team
This is the best way to maintain a fragmented view of your job. “There is sometimes a great discrepancy between how the newcomer finds himself in the team and how the team lives on his arrival,” notes Vincent Dicecca, also author of 5 keys to succeed his 1st step manager. Whether in informal or group sessions, ask them for feedback after 2 or 3 weeks.

You will understand, if you do not adopt these postures but rather their exact opposite, then you are likely to succeed in your arrival in the new team. Up to you.

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