7 Great Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

So finally the big day you have waited all your life for is gradually drawing near and you have no inkling about what kind of wedding shoes will serve the purpose of the day.Walking into a wedding boutique, can leave you spoilt for choice, because of the avalanche of wedding shoes available. Perhaps you just might need a helping hand, in making the appropriate decision.

Here are 10 great tips to consider when choosing a wedding shoe. These tips would help you make a great decision, which would make you the cynosure of all eyes. 

1 Comfort

Your wedding day would entail your being up and about, all day. From the morning, till late at night. The last thing on your mind should be purchasing the wrong shoes. It is there expedient, that you look out for a comfortable wedding shoe, with some extra bounce and paddings here and there, to soothe your feet, rather than hurt it.

2. Aptness

Make sure that the wedding shoes you decide to purchase fit you perfectly. It doesn’t make any sense to purchase a shoe that would have your feet squeezed in. Rather, go for wedding shoes, which is not tight, but fits you perfectly.

3. Great Match

Choose the right color and embellishment of wedding shoes that perfectly fits your dress. Your personal taste has a great role to play here. Therefore you must be all out to make a great choice.

4. Shop for Shoe and Wedding Dress Together

You don’t want to appear tardy on your wedding day. Therefore you must buy a great wedding shoe that will compliment your dress. Hence, shopping your wedding shoes and wedding dress simultaneously, will save you the stress of a mismatch.

5. Be Accompanied By Someone

Seek a family member or friend, to go with you to the mall. This is so that there can be a second opinion. The advantage of this is so that the opinion of your companion is weighed, before you purchase that wedding shoe.

6. Stick with Moderate Hill

Your wedding ceremony shouldn’t be a time to experiment with heels. Choose a very moderate heeled wedding shoe that you feel comfortable in. In order to avoid mishap, it is important for you to wear the kind of heels that you are familiar with.

7. Walk Around With Your Shoe

As the saying goes; ‘practice makes perfect’, you must walk around in your wedding shoe to be sure you are comfortable with the heel. It becomes unprofitable, if you can’t bear the height of your supposed wedding shoe.

So now that you have been armed with these tips, what next?

Weddings are great occasions, and you must make the most use of the opportunity you have to adorn yourself with the very best. From the wedding gown to the wedding shoes and accessories, all must be on point.

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