7 Mini Workouts that you can use immediately and everywhere

Especially at the Christmas time, these 7 tips can be a lot of fun, especially if you have a lot to do and there is no time to visit the gym.

Do not park directly outside the door

If possible, do your shopping on foot and not by car. Or parks on the outskirts and not in the center. Try to go from step to step from business to business. This is equivalent to a Mini Cardio Training. 

Avoid elevator and escalator and climb stairs

Here is your giant chances. Stair climbing is one of the best workouts ever. So try not to use the elevator or the escalator even if you are carrying several bags, and your butt, your calves and thighs will remain beautiful and strong.

7 Mini Workouts 3


Balance and wad training in the queue

When paying in the cafe or in the supermarket, it can not be avoided that one sometimes stands in a long queue. Use this to your advantage! You just have to roll on your toes and roll off slowly. Even better if a staircase is nearby, then you can reinforce the exercise by rolling up with the heel.

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Biceps training with shopping bags

This exercise works with one, but better still with two bags, one each per arm. The heavier the more effect with fewer repetitions. To do this simply keep the upper arms still and try to move the lower arms slowly from the bottom upwards – and then again downwards. You can repeat this as often as you like. If possible but 5x on each side.

Stand instead of sitting

Very simple but effective. Often we do not even think about it and even if the bus trip lasts only 5 minutes, we want to sit down. But standing is a very good workout for the whole body, which burns a lot more calories than sitting. Try to stand up straight on the next bus trip. Head straight, face forward, breathe deeply and pay attention to the right upright posture to support the skeleton, while still relaxing. Awesome!


A general purpose weapon! Squats are as effective as they are simple. 3x 10 squats a day in combination with a few of the other tips listed here will change your whole overall condition to the positive. 10 squats usually last 15 seconds. A set therefore normally takes less than one minute. Even better you do this in the morning and in the evening. Not even 2 minutes a day and your stomach, legs, back and butt will thank you!

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The whole family can participate in this work-out. 30 minutes are already enough. More is, of course, better. In addition, you can fill your lungs with fresh air and your body will look forward to oxygen over the overdose and convert it into pure energy.