7 tips to travel without losing your customers

Before, traveling was a bet to disregard business or lose our customers. Today we can go on a trip while we close deals and win projects. It’s just a matter of making the right decisions.

Traveling is, most of the time, a reason for rejoicing and excitement, especially when the experience promises unforgettable moments, a partial disconnection from the routine and know geographies never before seen by our eyes. However, when you have business, clients or a demanding job, the reality is different. 

Knowing how to manage and attend to all possible eventualities on the working side of our lives is vital and advisable. However, those who have to close important projects know that work can never be completely stopped. One way or another you have to monitor, make calls, teleconference … be aware.

In other times, traveling was a real and latent risk for neglecting business in a remarkable way. Today that has changed, since cards like Platinum or World Elite Mastercard® have made it possible to travel comfortably and exclusively while winning new projects and clients. The dividends of a single trip are just around the corner, you just have to make the right decisions:

1. Get the most complete travel assistant

Benefits such as Travel Assistant or Mastercard Global Service from Mastercard Platinum allow us to rely on it to operate in a solvent manner and concentrate on solving the eventualities of the work, while the assistant (available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year) help us with the selection of our destination, assist us in legal issues, doctors, searches of places, emergencies, payments, traces or any type of eventuality that may arise. Time is money and our travel assistant knows it.

2. Approach First Class Services

Traveling comfortably and uniquely allows us to be more awake and focused by taking that last-minute call with the partners or team members. With a benefit such as that provided by MasterCard’s Elite Valet (available for both Platinum and World Elite Mastercard), being on time everywhere will give us enough space to have that last-minute dinner with the client, leave the board the airport or sign the last documents before leaving for our trip.

3. Find out about promotions, places and restaurants

Your Platinum or World Elite Mastercard card will bring us frequently and easily to the best places, restaurants and promotions in the destinations to which we are heading. Business breakfast is more important than we think, and having a delicious and memorable meal reverberates not only in our performance and good humor, but also in the printing and flexibility when closing deals.

4. Make the airport an ally

It is more recurrent than we think: someone needs to see us at the last moment because he needs our signature, we will have to run a last minute meeting even with suitcases in hand, or the customer can only meet us at the airport. In the airport?

Master Lounge Elite Lounge is a unique benefit because it addresses such a specific need as solving business or business matters within the airport, in a calm, comfortable and preferential way for Platinum and World Elite cardholders, through key aspects such as: access to a Business Center and meeting room, internet, snacks and complimentary beverages, or Concierge on site to support us with reservations, ticket purchase and travel service, among others.

5. Do not stop enjoying yourself

Yes, we know that combining business during the trip is not ideal, but with an ally of high flights like Mastercard World Elite or Platinum Mastercard, at no time should represent a headache. These cards are designed just so that with the small business rush we can have, as with your overall travel – be it for pleasure or business – the experience is an enjoyment most of the time. Memorable moments must remain intact.

6. Secure your connectivity at all times

Today it is vital to maintain a complete and efficient connection at all times, ensuring efficiency from our takeoff to landing on land, through travels, meals, searches of sites of interest, regardless of geographies or time differences.

In this area, Mastercard World Elite has the benefit of Boingo Wi-fi, which provides a fast, easy-to-use and premium quality Wi-Fi connection in more than one million hotspots worldwide.

7. Always stay protected

Whether we are experiencing a health incident of any kind, or an automobile accident, that will not stop our trip from being interrupted and that the teleconference of the project will not be implemented. For example, Platinum Mastercard brings us in a timely and practical way to our MasterSeguro of Cars and Travel, providing all the tranquility and comfort to use, eliminating the consequences of an accident and / or mishap almost in its entirety.

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