A Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note II Handsets

Are you looking for a mobile set of Samsung Galaxy series? Both Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note II handsets are alike in outlook just with a difference that the latter posses a bit large screen. Galaxy S4 is categorized as smart phone whereas Galaxy Note II is of phablet type. But if you go through the specifications then the differences will be spotlighted. Let’s see what the differences they have –

  • Design –

The Samsung designers are really concentrating themselves into the pattern of Nature Inspiration. Galaxy S4 is a bit ahead from Note II in terms of engineering point of view. There lies a slim bezel just around the screen. So it is quite easy in holding.

  • Display –

In terms of display, Galaxy S4 is leading in the race, since it posses high resolution screen with additional colors and provides a better vision as compared to Note II.  Galaxy S4 is even better in terms of brightness.

  • Software installed and functions –

Galaxy S4 holds the updated UX version of TouchWiz Nature that comes up with some extraordinary applications. Again S4 has the most recent version of Android (4.2.2) while Note II still has the previous Android version (4.1.2).

  • Camera Clicks –

Again in the camera features, Galaxy S4 is one step ahead with latest technology. The up to date version of TouchWiz holds a variety of innovative camera modules that the customers will definitely appreciate. Furthermore, via Galaxy S4, more detailed snaps can be captured with 13MP camera as compared to Note II’s 8MP camera.

  • Voice quality –

Voice quality is better in Note II than Galaxy S4. Both incoming and outgoing voices are perfect in the case of Note II. This is one of the few drawbacks of Galaxy S4.

So after discussing all the features above, it can surely be concluded that Samsung Galaxy S4 is indeed a better piece than Note II. However Note II isn’t much far away. It also can be a nice option. But when it comes to comparison, you can surely choose Samsung Galaxy S4 as your desired one.