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Sharmeen Khan, associated with writing for almost 2 years. I am an Engineer by profession, earlier worked in an IT firm as ERP Project Manager. Though I am writing for multiple sections here, but I always feel excited while writing for Technology section. Hope to come up with some really good and fresh news articles.

Galaxy Note 2

A Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note II Handsets

Are you looking for a mobile set of Samsung Galaxy series? Both Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note II handsets are alike in outlook just with a difference that the latter posses a bit large screen. Galaxy S4 is categorized as smart phone whereas Galaxy Note II is of phablet type. But if you go through the specifications then the differences will be spotlighted. Let’s see what the differences they have – (more…)

Bathroom Vanities – Adds Aesthetic Value to Your Bathroom Space

A home can be said as the most secured place for individuals. After a hectic busy time outside, getting stuck in office works, study and others – everyone wants to be relax at home. So every corner of your house needs to be comfy and safe. Bathroom is one of the most usable areas that can be in the core planning zones of interior designing. Bathroom is all about hygiene, normally has a basin, commode and a bathtub. But this is not as simple as it seems. With these two three equipments, designers are being creative with different materials and decors. (more…)

Will Cutler continue with the same attitude in the new offense position?

Will Cutler continue with the same attitude in the new offense position?

After the chase with the Chargers (33-28), it is now totally clear that the players of Bears have taken new coach Marc Trestman seriously. This issue has been unreasonably pointed out at the training camp by Jay Cutler. After defeating the Chargers in the Soldier Field, the confidence has been shown enormously by the Bears team. The authority of Bears sued Lovie Smith after the season (10-6) and appointed Trestman. The reason behind this was Phil Emery – the General Manager, expected a significant alteration among the team advising. But the other side of the game was that the Bears can’t move with the attitude of the most valuable player from the offense corner.

Jay Cutler 00101Again as a whole, while playing with the Chargers for the last four series, it seemed that Cutler was the main person behind the scene of firing the three consecutive coordinators of Bears. A tentative thought of Cutler’s survival has been raised just 5 minutes before the end of the first quarter; Trestman’s new offense can continue again with the earlier unwanted habits.  In the videotape, the evidence is almost clear. Cutler has attempted 4/5 passes within 38 yards which statistically displays quite good score of 98.3. But was it really that good? In the small seasons with two quarter length, Cutler seems to be incompatible as always.

Till now, nothing would be scarier rather than Cutler’s performance for the Bears, and the learning curve seems to be unwanted flat in the middle of August. Of course the Bears can show improvement in offense with the Cutler’s enhancement.  But for this, Trestman will have to resist him not to compel the ball in the coverage area. The problem was never with the Cutler’s throw but with the approach. Furthermore, Cutler has to prove others wrong and really needs to show some positive developments in his attitude.

What can be the reason behind the crash of UPS jumbo cargo plane?

What can be the reason behind the crash of UPS jumbo cargo plane?

The associates claimed that they are yet in search of the two typical black boxes for which a cargo plane of UPS jumbo has been crashed last Wednesday morning. Two pilots had been killed in the incident that was happened near the Birmingham airport. Robert L. Sumwalt, a member of NTSB, in a conference expressed that since the back end of the aircraft was still smoking, so it was difficult to get into the cockpit areas. He also mentioned that the investigation will take place for few more days in the sight area.  He further claimed that it has been ensured through investigation that the pilots didn’t make any call before the incident .  (more…)