Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Who does not want a beautiful bathroom?  Of course, everyone does!  It is a good feeling to shower in a comfort room that radiates a refined and bright look.  A distinguished look for your bathroom can be achieved with proper lighting.  Here are some of most commonly used light fixture that can certainly improve the look of your washroom, leaving you to enjoy longer and more refreshing baths.

Bathroom Lighting
Bathroom Lighting
  1. Add a Chandelier.  Besides the functional lighting that it offers, a chandelier will add a luxurious and elegant touch to any bathroom.  Place it at the center stage to get enough light for every corner of the room.  Ensure that you place it high enough from the floor to avoid accidents.
  2. Employ Halogens.  Halogen lights present bright lights that are suitable for task lighting.  Halogens are clearer and can operate in a higher temperature than ordinary lights.  Beware that halogen lights produce more heat than the traditional ones, so it is better to suspend them on the ceiling or over a sink.
  3. Use Sconces.  There are several sconces designs such as antique and contemporary, so you are presented with a lot of sconce choices that will blend well with the theme of your bathroom.  It is best to wall mount sconces beside the mirror to give the fixture an accent and task lighting perfect for grooming time.
  4. Try light tubes.  Light tubes are simple light sources that are used primarily for distributing light.  They are nothing fancy or anything of that sort, but they are practical and convenient to use.  They provide soft light in the bathroom.  By installing multiple switches, you will be able to control the amount of light that the tubes shall emit. 

    Bathroom Lighting
    Bathroom Lighting Sample
  5. Go for lanterns.  Lanterns may seem out of fashion nowadays, but if you are looking for a different yet enticing lighting fixture for your bathroom, then why not try lanterns?  Lanterns can range from those that are simply and handily crafted to this which are meticulously and elegantly designed.  Lanterns are best to be mounted on the walls and to be placed at the either side of the mirror.
  6. Attempt on Backlighting.  If you want a special look for your bathroom, then don’t miss out on the backlit style.  In this lighting design, bathroom mirrors are embedded with lights that radiate from the back — giving off a seemingly natural and graceful feel. 

Bathroom Lighting-001a3

Lighting is a very important aspect when it comes to bathroom designing since we spend so much time in the comfort room.  Lights must give off that soothing feeling so that we can instantly feel refreshed as we come out of the bathroom — anytime of the day.  Other decoration posts  :