Bedroom Design and the Most Common Styles

The bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in one’s home.  It is your comfort zone, your very own haven where you can design it according to your liking.  It is not really hard to devise the designing plan of one’s bedroom because it will be your own personal choice  and there is a wide array of design concepts for you to try out.  From vintage and romantic styles to contemporary and eclectic fashions, there will definitely be a design that will suit your taste.   Here is the list of the top bedroom styles and some tips on how you can achieve the look:

  • Eclectic.  Combine a rainbow of colors and playful patterns to create that diverse look.  Eclectic style is one of the most popular bedroom designs because it lets you easily combine different styles to create an interesting result.   You may acquire your fixture gradually over time.   Eclectic types of room almost always have that focal point, which you may opt to put an oversized painting or chandelier.
  • Asian.   This style is primarily practiced with feng shui and zen principles.  Asia style is influenced by East Asian cultures such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean; hence, it is recommended that bedrooms be accentuated with prominent Asian things like a Buddha figurine, Chinoiserie wallpaper, or oriental panels.  Keep your furnishings at a minimum since Asian style adheres to simplicity, which gives way to relaxation and meditation.
  • Cottage.  Cottage is also called the farmhouse style, where one uses antique furniture or designs inspired from the 19th up to the 20th century.  Things that can be used when going for this style are quilts, braided area rugs, unique and wooden antiques, and old-world wardrobe, among others.  Using the cottage style doesn’t mean that you have to abandon the modern look; if you want to have that modern but with a touch of vintage, then you could have wholly new set of furniture but with pieces of antiques here and there.
  • Contemporary.  Modern bedrooms run on a ‘less is more’ concept.  To achieve the contemporary look, look for modern pieces, which are characterized by their sleek and metallic design.  Combine them with soft and smooth-looking beds, pillows, flooring, and windows in order to attain a chic, fresh, and welcoming ambiance.
  • Romantic.  Romantic style is creating that soft and delicate feeling in your personal space that makes you fall in love with your room in an instant.  Use silk curtains and elegant lightnings to achieve that sensual look.  Highlighting your room with a floral arrangement is highly suggested since it will give it a fresh and romantic vibe.

Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom Design

Bedroom Design

In all these cases, we want to maximize our bedroom space for ease of movement and to attain a relaxing mood.  Choose only the necessary pieces of furniture; in doing so, you will make the most out of your space but without compromising the functionality of your bedroom.  You can have a good rest in your bed, or read a good book while waiting for your spouse in the sofa, or do some after work papers in your desk all in a relaxed way brought about by a cluttered free and clean bedroom.

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