Bedrooms With Uniqueness in the Age of Modernization

Stumped on how to revamp your kid, teen, or master bedroom? Get inspired to introduce fresh ideas into a sleepy space.

While the question comes of quality architectural design, then one name of the east zone can surely be uttered and that is Slovakia. In today’s world, everything can be possible with creativity and technology. Can you think of a bedroom that reflects a gaming zone? Yes, nowadays it is much more feasible. A very much interesting and charming room design has been sent by Rado Rick Designers which was for a fan of Star Wars (6 years age) and a little baby girl (2 years of age). The parents of the children actually desired to create their bedroom in such a way that kids will simply love it. Again the father is a big player and also a great Star Wars fan. Therefore he wished to create a gaming environment in the room so that he can play with his son there. 

Modern Bedroom With a Stone Wall and Platform Bed

Modern Bedrooms 001a0

In the room, all the decorations and furniture are made through customization. Even the wall picture has been created by hand graffiti. The library also has been created in a stylish mode considering the space and the requirement of the client. The client wanted the kitchen should be separated from the bed room in a way so that they can even watch their kids while working in the kitchen. So here is the room decorated with modern furniture providing the outlook of a gaming zone.

Modern Bedrooms 001a1 Modern Bedrooms 001a2 Modern Bedrooms 001a3


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