Blessings of Holly Ramadan: Gift of Almighty Allah

Holly Ramadan is an Islamic month of Islamic Calendar having lot of blessings and few days have left in start of Ramadan 2014. Muslims used to wait this month for “Fasting” which starts from just before sunrise and ends up at sunset. Fasting has sense of humanity and spirituality and one can feel pain of hunger for the poor people which increase inner love for them and give a lesson. As a matter of fact, Ramadan is a gift from Almighty Allah during which wishes are fulfilled and forgiveness is promised. Muslims used to do lot of preparation for eateries especially at the time of sunset to end the “Fast”. Humble pray to Allah at this moment is not only a tradition, it has a great self-satisfaction. Let’s prepare ourselves for this month and be rewarded from Almighty Allah (Ameen).Please! Please!, don’t forget to pray for admin and writers of  during this precious and noble month.

2014 Ramadan 2
Ramadan 2014 Walpapers
2014 Ramadan 3
Ramadan 2014 Walpapers
2014 Ramadan 5
Ramadan 2014 Walpapers

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