Business Ideas You Can Learn From Scrabble

Most people would really think that the game “scrabble” is unconnected to business. Lots of people simply think that the board game only becomes important during break time. However, there are a plethora of things you can learn from scrabble to enhance your startup enterprise. Below are some of the simple tips that can help your business grow and achieve success.

Mix up the letters

I usually have a hard time figuring out the right word combination with the plethora of letters in scrabble. However, insight pops up when I mix up the letters randomly. This can be understood from business point of view. When you face business challenges, you should try and examine it from various perspectives in your bid to solve it. This will help you to find quicker solution to the problem. As a matter of fact, you should try to think out of the box and be innovative in your business. 

Make use of the highest point letters

In the scrabble game, most people would rather play a six letter word bearing six points while not using the single letter beside them bearing 10 points. This can be analyzed in business perspective. Try to make use of your best assets no matter the situation in business. Try as much as possible to hit it big in business. Measure your strength and ensure that you operate at the highest scale or point of it. In other words, concentrate on your main abilities and strengths in business.

Play the highest point space

In the game, you would obviously want to gather as many points as possible in your tiles in just one turn. Try also to make use of your fixed investment and strive to achieve the maximum ROI in the investment. In case you have $5000 sales and $2,500 sales to reach. Strive at attaining the $5000 sales before the $2500 sales as both have the same fulfillment costs. Thus, go for economies of scale in business.

Play the board, not the rack

People are often focused at the tiles in their rack and strive to create long words along those tiles. However, most times playing one letter may offer you much more value as in the case of playing the letter Z with 10 points on a triple letter space. Your aim should be the forest and not just the trees. Thus, you have to leverage the necessary resources in business to grow as fast as possible. The main lesson you should learn here is to focus on the big picture in business and never get your focus off it.

Leverage multiple word opportunities

Creating one word on the board limits your score and I love seeing my opponents fall victim of this. However, they would have got better score if they had added a single word like “S” on an existing word. Such combination will help you score points for the new word as well as for the existing word on the board and thus your score gets higher.

In business, you should think through multiple ways of driving revenues in order to increase your returns. To make the most of your fixed investment, try to achieve multiple things at the same time with one resource.

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Play defensively

Nobody wants his word play in scrabble to create an opportunity for the opponent to play triple words. Triple words are the best and easiest way of gathering lots of points, thus, you need to leverage them.

In business, try not to make room for your competitors to outmatch you. You may make such room simply by not bidding in a major contract and thereby creating a chance for your rival to make the most of it.

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