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Thank You Letter

What Should Thank You Letters Have?

After attending an interview, it is worthwhile finding time to write a “thank you letter”. Even though most of us usually take this for granted, it is quite important. This thank you letters might just help you to secure that job you have always longed for. While most would think this is ridiculous, it is important in so many ways as discussed here. When written properly, it addresses the major issues that might have been missed out on. This will make you as the interviewee to express yourself clearly in an easy and conducive atmosphere free from the anxiety associated with interview rooms.

The most important things to write should revolve around the interview and what took place at that time. You should thank the interviewers for having granted you the opportunity to attend the interview. State the issues that you feel might have been omitted during the process but are vital to the success of the application. The letter could as well be able to state clearly what needs to be done in future such as areas that need to be improved on. These “thank you” letters could go a long way in helping the company improve how they handle interviews.  (more…)

Reference Letter

What Constitutes A Good Reference Letter?

A reference letter can be written by anyone to testify or depone to a firm or person the skills, aptitude and achievements of the person in question. You can check also our letter of recommendation article. The letter is also known as a recommendation letter in American English. The document ought to be formally drafted, typed and penned in a rigorous and business-like format. The letter is normally written in the following circumstances:

  1. When one applies for a job, a reference letter may be a requisite to back up the content in the application letter.
  2. Upon a successful interview, the interviewee may be required to attach a reference letter before the contract is endorsed.
  3. Students may annex a recommendation letter to support the antecedent application letter.
  4. A firm may tender reference letters to show their ability to handle the work in question.
  5. Prospective lessee may be required to offer the landlord a reference letter that shows a good financial status.

Reference Letter Sample

Reference Letter

Reference Letter SampleReference Letter


Example of Letters of Recommendation

Top Points To Note When Writing A Letter Of Recommendation

The most effective letters of recommendation are written by professors or work supervisors who know you well enough to describe your academic, personal, or professional achievements and potential with candor, detail, and objectivity.

This is a very important letter and in most cases serves the purpose of building the credentials of a job applicant. It is quite in order to know the major components of a letter of recommendation. Look my previos post : How to Write the Letter of Recommendation?

The message in this letter should be clear and geared towards achieving a particular purpose. The basis on which this letter is written is to show that an employee has served in a certain work place for a certain period of time. There are some details that should never miss in this important letter that acts as a reference material when looking for better opportunities. (more…)

Business Letter Samples

The Recommended Format For Simple Business Letter

When business letter format are written on company letterhead stationery, they are generally formatted in a full block style with each part of the letter justified to the left margin. Letters not on company letterhead stationery are written in a modified block style with the heading, date and complimentary close left justified to the center line and the inside address, salutation and body justified to the left margin.

Some people have problems writing business letters and end up using other methods which might not be right. There are a few guidelines that need to be followed in order to come up with a master-piece. There are two major formats used in drafting business letters that includes block and semi-block types. A simple business letter has the following format:

1.      Senders address

This part contains the mailing address of the person sending the business letter. Other information like the place of business are usually found in this part. In most cases, one should only include these details if the page does not have a letterhead.

2.      Date line

The letter should also contain the date on which this letter was written. There are various formats used but the most common styles of writing dates differ. In most cases you can write the month followed by the day and then the year. It is worth remembering that even letterheads need dates to be typed in.

Business Letter Format Samples
Business Letter Format Samples

3.      Receiver’s address

In this part, one should take into consideration the fact that the letter is addressed to a specific person. The title of the person and the name of the company where they work should be stated clearly. If one is not sure about the address of the person,  then they should call and confirm the much needed mailing address.

4.      Salutation

The salutation should be short and clear thus it is necessary that it only contains some vital information. This should be directed to the person who is supposed to receive the business letter. Here there is a need to know the gender of the person and if not so then use the person’s full name.

5.      The body

When using modified formats, create a single space then click left justify. This will affect each paragraph in the body. One can then create a blank line in each paragraph. When doing this, be careful and know that you need to create something unique. First paragraph should include being friendly then heading to the main point. The second paragraph should explain the first one. In the remaining paragraphs ensure that you include detailed information and supportive evidence.

6.      Closing

Ensure that it is short and is direct to the point thus bringing down the whole process of writing. You can then sign off by indicating a thank you and signing.

Thank You Letter

How are Thank You Letters Written ?

Are you having trouble finding the right words for thanking your employer to for calling you for your interview? Some of us don’t even bother about sending a letter of thanks. A note saying thank you matters a lot as a sign of courtesy as well as good gesture.  When a person is not expecting such a gesture and a sudden letter of thanks is found on his desk then it appears to be a really nice thing.

Thank you letters are similar to the follow up notes that you keep on sending to customers. This good gesture of yours can increase your chances for getting a job. It can be taken as another opportunity to impress your employer. If you don’t make the right use of the letter of thanks in the place where there is a lot of significance of this document then you might be killing opportunities yourself.

Sample Thank You Letters

Thank you letters are as important as resumes and cover letters. They have a specific format too which strictly needs to be followed.  It is good to send letter of thanks after the walk-in interview whether it is a big or small company.

Occasions for writing letter of thanks

Thank you letters are not just written after you have attended an interview.  Here are some of the other reasons why a thank you letter becomes obvious:

  • After getting a raise or promotion
  • When your acquaintance helps you through some project or givesadvice
  • After attending a business dinner  or lunch
  • Once a co-worker gives you some gift
  • When the organization has written a reference letter for you

If you think that no employer cares about a thank you letter then you must not know this that almost 15 percent of the employers don’t like it when they don’t receive a letter of thanks from the interviewee and they hence never call that person for the particular job no matter how perfectly he or she suits it.

Download Sample Thank You Letter Pdf & Doc Files

Your letter should include some statement about how the effort of the employer helped whether it was a raise or an interview call just like for resumes. Appreciate their work but don’t act like you have already been called for the job. That will ruin your chances for being called.

Some people follow up the interviewer by calling him through the telephone. Don’t ever do that.You haven’t built any relation with the interviewer so far so stick to formal rules and regulations only.

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Reference Letter

Tips For Writing A Reference Letter

A reference letter also called the recommendation letter is a formal document that is written for testifying a person’s achievements, character and skills. This letter is not just required by an employee but a student too. You might need a reference letter anytime in your career. That’s why it’s said that even if you are leaving your previous company you need to stay in touch and show interest that you still care.

Importance of letter of reference

There are can be many scenarios where a reference letter might be required. Typically when you are applying for a new job somewhere, you are mostly required to give away a reference letter before you actually get hired. Secondly, if you are about to apply to an academic course even overseas, you are required to give away a reference letter. Sometimes even landlords ask for reference letters in order to make sure the tenant they are about to deal with has good character and has a stable job to pay for the rent.  (more…)