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The Essence of Cash Flow Statement and its Features

The Essence of Cash Flow Statement and its Features

A lot of public companies operate on accrual accounting such that their income statements cannot be effectively used in ascertaining their cash positions. However, investors need to know the cash position of any company they want to make investment in so as to ensure that they are investing into the right ground. This is where cash flow statement comes in. Cash flow statement is a quarterly financial report which a public traded company is required to release to the public or to the SEC.  (more…)

How does a Calendar Help to Your Business ?

Do you know that making a 2013 calendar for your business is one of the ways of promoting it?Everybody knows this fact that in order to keep a business alive, we will have to keep on marketing it. Unless people will not know much about your products and services, they will never buy anything from you. There is a need to adopt such a strategy that is unique enough to grab the attention of people. Customizedcalendars can also be a great way of marketing your business.

How will a customized 2013 colander be a marketing tool for my business?  (more…)