Women entrepreneurs tell you how to overcome fear

Women entrepreneurs tell you how to overcome fear

Women who start businesses can accelerate salary parity. To do this, they must first overcome their fears.

In a world where the gender gap is the main obstacle to the labor and professional development of women as well as the lack of access to financing, misogyny, prejudice or family commitments; it requires social and cultural change, but, above all, that women overturn their internal obstacles.  (more…)

Human Resource Management

Is your Human Resources area strong and solid?

If you have not yet done a strategy in this area, here we tell you why it is so important to have one and how to achieve it.

Having a HR strategy in your company has never been so important, most leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs are constantly talking about the importance of “human capital.”

However, less than 10% have a solid HR area, those responsible for this area in Mexican companies are dedicated to payroll and sometimes to recruit, which does not generate an additional value to the company.  (more…)

10 Tips to Improve Your Business

10 Tips to Improve Your Business

No business is static, so if you want your SME to grow, not only do you have to learn to balance time and resources; but also choose the precise area of ​​the company that has the greatest impact on the market.

That’s why we give you 10 tips that will help you focus on the areas of business that offer greater profits.

Take note and make your business grow right now: (more…)

6 Ways to Make Extra Money Without Quitting Your Job

Do you want to start, but you still do not have the funds to do it? This is going to interest you.

Are bank debts affecting your health? American Psychological Association launched a survey demonstrating how the “stress of money” impacts people’s well-being. And no, do not think that I only speak of those who do not have so much money, it was also shown that the rich happens to them.  (more…)

How to Make Money Online Without Being Scammed

Let’s face it: more than one thought it was quite easy to get rich in one of those “how to make money on the Internet” ads, but – of course – it was just an illusion.

The most common farce of the Internet era is based on offering the ignorant user the possibility to enrich themselves in an unusually simple way without having to leave their home or interact directly with other people. It is the fantasy of any lazy or naive, but precisely their lack of knowledge is what makes them fall into frauds by blindly trusting more cunning strangers who illegally use the World Wide Web.  (more…)

4 Information and Communications Technology Profiles Most in Demand Today

4 Information and Communications Technology Profiles Most in Demand Today

Are you actively looking for work and do not know what are the emerging professions on the Internet? From 2015 to 2025, it is expected that the growth of professional and vacant posts in the ICT sector will exceed 10%, which would translate into about 400,000 new jobs in the world, an unusual and not insignificant figure. In this article, we share with you the most demanded ICT profiles today, so that you can guide your career successfully towards the future working sectors.  (more…)