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Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet Samples

A balance sheet is a financial statement that shows what the business is worth at a given point in time. The purpose of the balance sheet is to provide an idea of a company’s financial position.

Balance sheet is one of the important financial statements required to be maintained by each company. Balance sheet basically describes the financial position of a company at a certain point in time.  Balance sheet can be made monthly, quarterly and yearly.

Parts of a balance sheet:

A balance sheet has three parts, assets, liabilities and owner’s equity.

  • Assets are all those items which are owned by a business. The assets can be current as well as fixed. Formally, the assets of a company include land building, machines, inventory and more. These are the fixed assets. Cash and accountsreceivable are the intangible assets of a company. They are also called the current assets.  These assets account for the basic operation of a business and they are required for the daily operations.
  • Next comes liabilities. They are the loans a company has taken or in other words the amount owed to other organizations.  Liabilities can be current and long term. The current liabilities are those that need to be paid within a single year whereas long term liabilities are those that get mature after 2 or more years.  The current liabilities include notes payable and accounts payable whereas the long term liabilities include some long term debt like payroll taxes.
  • Last but not the least is owner’s equity. It is the right of ownership of the business holder or the owner of the business after deducting the liabilities. Common stock, retained earnings, and paid in capital are included into the owner’s equity section. Common stock is investment made in the business.  Retained earnings are the amount of net income left after the dividends have been paid to the shareholders of the company. Paid in capital is the additional amount paid by an investor above the stated value of the sold shares.

Balance Sheets

Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet

Balance sheets help business owners to analyze the strength as well as weakness of a business.  It will tell how much a company is in debts, what assets the business has and what is the earning of the company. Many of the banks view the balance sheets of companies before giving loans.  Even your creditor or investor will take a look at your balance sheet before doing business with you. This financial statement will help not only you but others interested in your business.

Download Balance Sheet Pdf : Balance Sheet-Pdf-001 Balance Sheet-Pdf-002 Balance-Sheet-Doc-01

If you are a shareholder of a company then it is important for you to know how to read the balance sheet and understand it.

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Macys Coupon

Macys Coupon : Benefits You Get From Online Apparel Shopping

Women love to shop for apparel and footwear. Either in huge designer boutiques or in thrift stores, women try to buy clotheswherever they see a good and striking dress. The relationship between dresses and women is something a man can never understand. With the online facility and web stores, there are many ways you can buy clothes. You can select from manyproducts in an online store. Some of the famous online stores are the following listed below:

  • Macy
  • Fashion and you
  • 99 labels
  • EBay
  • Snap deal
  • Flipkart
  • And  many others

You can get different offers and deals only in online stores. They also give special offers to regular customers. Special discounts and sales are conducted in the online store on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, father’s day and mother’s day. Buying clothes from online stores is a good way to shop because you can select from many products and from many stores with just a click from the comfort of your home. There are many advantages with online shopping and they are presented in this article.

Advantages from buying clothes in online stores:

  • Convenience: people find it comfortable and convenient to shop clothes from online store because they don’t need to roam from one store to another store, which makes people weak and uncomfortable, especially in summers and in rainy season. This is the prime advantage for shopping clothes in online store. You can alsosave money on petrol and gas.
  • Choices: you can get many choices in the online store because almost all products in the online store will come in different sizes and colors. This makes us choose the appropriate size and color we want which may or may not available in stores.
  • Comparison facility: in online stores we can compare different products which are not possible in normal stores. We can do comparison by selecting the items and by clicking on compare button available in the website. This is one of the best advantages of shopping in online stores
  • Deals and offers: deals and offers are available only in online stores. Special discounts can be availed by using coupons. For example, with the help of macy’s coupon you can get extra discount in macy online store. Free shipping and fast home delivery are also the advantages of the online shopping
  • Savings: you can save a lot of money by doing online shopping. Apart from that EMI facility is also available at zero interests which will save your money.

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