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Study in The United States : 10 Things You Should Do

Study in The United States : 10 Things You Should Do

You have it clear: you want to study in the United States, but you do not know where to start. What university to choose, what kind of program … We give you some tips to start preparing.


Novice Photographers' DSLR Photos, September 2017

Novice Photographers’ DSLR Photos, September 2017

New photos from beginners, September 2017. Click for bigger photos.


Easy Ways to Make Yourself Eat Less

Easy Ways to Make Yourself Eat Less

The end of February is the time of the year when most people must have broken their New Year resolutions and some would have even given up the hope of pursing them. You need to think again if you are trying to give up your New Year resolutions for weight loss or eating better. Keeping these resolutions is not easy most times but you can make it easy on yourself by tricking yourself to eat less and thereby achieving more success than you thought possible. Here are some takes on making this easy for you.

  • Feast with a Fast Eater

It is likely that you will finish at the same time with your eating partner, this occurs no matter how much of the food you partake of. Obviously, you will partake of fewer portions if you eat with someone who eats fast. The reverse is the case when you eat large meals with slow eaters.  (more…)

Focus on Building Your Strength Rather than Your Weakness

Focus on Building Your Strength Rather than Your Weakness

According to bestselling author Robert Greene, you need to dedicate lots of time, focus and practice to become a master in a given field. He also outlined that if your work does not give you joy and you spend time struggling with your weaknesses, you cannot become a master in your field.

We have been taught for long that the only way to achieve success is to work on your areas of weaknesses. The question is: what if this conception and teachings were wrong? Focusing on things you love makes you more productive. This further helps you to become more optimistic and to get more excited about doing the things you do.

When you focus on your strength, you will be able to improve and sharpen your talents and become a master in the field. This will culminate to the enhancement of your self-image. When you feel brilliant and skilled at things you do in each day, you will simply realize that your life will move further in the positive direction. Below are simple ways of focusing on your strength rather than weakness.  (more…)


Chromebooks take the students’ market

Chromebooks have become a source of immense threat to Microsoft. These are laptops based on Google’s Chrome browser and they are powerful enough to snatch the PC market from Microsoft’s grip. Microsoft, of course, recognizes the threat and that is why they have run ads citing Chromebook.

What makes chromebooks attractive for students?

There are basically two features that make chromebooks attractive for students. Firstly, the laptop is cheap; they cost as low as $200 and therefore are excellent for students’ budget. Secondly, chromebooks includes complete office suite without any additional charge.  (more…)

Why Should You Prefer Plastic Storage Containers?

Plastic storage containers are very common in the market and it is also possible to find many of them in our houses. While some of the people try to avoid from these containers due to the belief that nothing should be stored in them, some of the people like to store their good in these containers. In this article, you will find a detailed information why you need to prefer these containers for your health as well as the safety of your products.  (more…)