Chromebooks take the students’ market

Chromebooks have become a source of immense threat to Microsoft. These are laptops based on Google’s Chrome browser and they are powerful enough to snatch the PC market from Microsoft’s grip. Microsoft, of course, recognizes the threat and that is why they have run ads citing Chromebook.

What makes chromebooks attractive for students?

There are basically two features that make chromebooks attractive for students. Firstly, the laptop is cheap; they cost as low as $200 and therefore are excellent for students’ budget. Secondly, chromebooks includes complete office suite without any additional charge. 

Google’s plan for marketing chromebook

Google plan to get chromebook into schools and thus these computers are now seen as attractive and most organizations are willing to replace their previous systems with them. The laptops offer two outstanding benefits which make them remarkable and these include

  • They are relatively cheap to install and deploy
  • They call for reduced maintenance on a regular basis.

These excellent features of the laptop are the single most important features that attract college students to them. Busy students who do not have time to deploy and maintain computers they use can find chromebook an excellent option for their processes.



The rush in purchase among college students

It is really obvious that lots of college students now go for these laptops more than ever before. Although, statistical or scientific research has not proved this to be true but from personal experiences, I have encountered lots of students who are interested in purchasing this laptop.

Lots of students want to know whether or not this laptop is effective in doing their school work before lay down their money to make a purchase. Most of these students have heard other students saying that chromebooks are the way to go and therefore they want to find out whether it is actually so before purchasing.

The student works are mostly divided into two and these include the online course work and the handling of assignments in digital files. The chromebook can efficiently handle the first task, of course, it is based on Google chrome browser. However it is not really clear whether or not it can handle the second task as this is often based on DOC and XLS files.

Some students do not even bother making researches or being skeptical about the laptop, they simply go on purchasing it. Virtually every student who purchased chromebook this way never regretted that they did. It is really easy to use the device and that is why lots of people are turning over to it.

The next generation

The shift did not really hit Microsoft real hard but it will sure do in the future if the trend continues. This is because although the student population is not relatively large, yet it is quite obvious that these are the next generation of workers and thinkers. The future depends on them and they are the ones that will shape the future with their ideas and thoughts.

The students are learning that they do not have to be dependent on Microsoft office to get their tasks done. This simply implies that the current student generation will not be indoctrinated into the Windows world as was obvious in the past generation. Of course, they will carry this knowledge they have acquired outside the walls of the institution and even enter the workplace with it.

Microsoft seems to sense the red sign and is trying to stop it before it gets critical. No wonder it has currently reduced the license fees of Windows on cheap devices by up to 70 percent.

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