Clean Up Coaching: The KonMari method helps you organize your life

Cleaning up is a real pain for many people. Sometimes we do not know where to store all the clothes, books and memories. With an innovative clean-up system, everything will now be easier. Here you can read about the so-called Kon Mari method and how you can rearrange your life.

The Japanese author Marie Kondo is a clearing-coach and has revolutionized the cleaning up a little bit with her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up. Despite the drastic approach, the Kon Mari method is extremely popular and made her book a celebrated bestseller. Read here how the method works and why it could also positively change your relationship to clean up.

The Kon Mari method: Sounds really simple

The basic principle of the Kon Mari method sounds simple at first and can be summarized as follows: Keep only things that make you happy, or in other words, separate yourself from the things that make you unhappy. At first we only think of possessing things that make us happy, or at least have an emotional value. But in practice the unexpected truth quickly comes to light and leads us to our false self-assessment.

Where does the wrong self-assessment come from?

In everyday life, we are distracted by many things and usually perceive our environment only subconsciously. For this reason, we often overlook unnecessary things, which are dusty in the backmost corner or in the bottom shelf. The first step in the KonMari method is to recognize how many things we have at all and to consciously perceive them.

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This makes the tidying up happy

The Kon Mari method initially sounds very drastic: every object is to be taken into the hands and evaluated. The only criterion is whether or not he triggers a sense of happiness. Of course, this approach involves a lot of effort and can also be emotionally very tiring. But the result is to make us happy and free from contaminated sites.

And so the Kon Mari method works in practice

Marie Kondo recommends an accurate approach for the practical application of the method. In three steps the chaos will be transformed into a happy-making order. The categories are to be processed one by one and each individual part evaluated.

# Wardrobe: In the wardrobe, especially in women, countless pieces that have never been worn, are picked up for “special” occasions or simply come out of fashion. Here, you should be sensible and not be influenced by their own persuasive persuasions and future visions of a successful diet or similar.

# Bookcase: In the bookshelf the selection of items could be a lot easier than in the wardrobe. Most books are never read again or you just might not have been so enthusiastic that they make you happy by their sight alone. You should therefore remove these copies from the shelf and make room for positive effects.

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# Reminders: The last category is probably the most emotional and therefore the most severe. It’s about sorting out reminders that remind us of bad times or a negative result. Even if you hang on the memorabilia, try to let go and give the positive memories more space.