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How to Decrease Your Refund Rates

How to Decrease Your Refund Rates

You close the client you sign them up. Now, how do you on-board a client to ensure success? In this post I’m going to go through how we on-board clients and what our kickoff process looks like. Let’s jump into it.  (more…)

Fed's $4.45 Trillion Balance Sheet

Fed’s $4.45 Trillion Balance Sheet

Fed’s $4.45 trillion balance sheet is like a joke. (more…)

7 Attitudes to Ruin Your Integration Into a New Team

7 Attitudes to Ruin Your Integration Into a New Team

You have just landed in a new company, or in a new service, and must therefore take your marks. Here are the 7 attitudes to avoid if you want to integrate in this new job.  (more…)

Performance Management

Performance Management and Its Parameters

Performance management is considered an effective approach for evaluating employee’s performance in a certain company or workplace. There are some general assessed area’s which depicts worker performance and it includes ability to complete task, organizational and management skills, intelligence, efficiency, work speed, relationship with others, future goals and many others. Due to its immense importance the human resources experts and psychologists have developed various systems which will assist in performance assessments.

The general methodology which is observed in many companies is that the review is carried out by the member of the management committee or a person whose position is higher than the employee being assessed. He can do this by merely doing simple discussions or take help of technology and do statistical evaluations with the help of graphs and set certain benchmarks to see how employee is completing his duties. He can make a check list or take a main incident while doing evaluation or make notes of employee’s current proceedings and work efficiency.  (more…)

Change Management

Change Management and How to Make Effective

Change management refers to a systematic approach that deals with changes implemented considering organizational viewpoint, as well as the individual. Change management should be for meaningful planning and sensitive implementation, and consultation and involvement of the person that may be affected by the changes. The forcefully applied changes give rise different issues.  (more…)

Gantt Chart Somsoalj34

Gantt Chart Excel Documents & Softwares

Gantt chart as the name indicates was developed by Henry Gantt in the decade of 1910. Gantt chart is basically the chart which reflects and depicts the schedule of a project. This chart is all about the details and description of the dates at which the project was started and was finished. In addition to this, the chart also depicts the summary elements as well as the terminal elements of the project which is brought under consideration. This illustration, in Gantt chart, is further supported by the dates at which the project started and ended and all the important events which took place during that tenure of the project are also marked. The two most important and pronounced features of Gantt chart are the summary elements and the terminal elements of the project.