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Change Management

How Change Management Works in Organization

Change management is a systemic approach of dealing with transitioning individuals, organizations and teams to a change to achieve a desired future state. In the context of project management, changes that are done in any project which are formally introduced and approved mainly refer to as change managementChange management is basically a known discipline for over half a century. In spite of the large amount of investment companies making in tools, thousands of books and training,a 60-70% failure rate for organizational change projects is found by the studies. (more…)

Business Letter Format 2

Business Letters Format Professional Way of Passing out Information Among the Parties

There are several business letter formats for writing professional letters. There are two basic styles of letters: block form and indented form. The samples below will help you determine which style you prefer.

A business letter can be termed as a mode of communication in which some information is illustrated in a professional manner. Business letters can be issued between two companies or between a company and their customer base. Irrelevance of the party, the business letters are always informative and well structured. Senior officer, executive or a business student must know each and every details of a business letter format. Business letter writing is not always easy. Certain rules need to be followed while writing a business letter. A business letter format may contain address of the sender, sending date, proper salutation, body, closing part, appropriate punctuations and font style. With a combination of all these, a complete business letter generates.  (more…)



Meaning of Incoterms

Incoterms are the International Commercial Terms which is a universal set of trade terms that are made in order to keep a happy medium between both importer and exporter equally.


The set of incoterms which is currently used was published in 2000. Whereas the first publication of incoterms was made in 1936. They were established by ICC which is International Chamber of Commerce in Paris.  (more…)

Balance Sheet Template

Balance Sheet to Victory

A balance sheet is a financial statement that reflects assets, liabilities and owners’ equity. Get a free balance sheet template, example, and guide.

You might be new to the business industry if you are reading this, but everyone should know what a balance sheet is. What does a balance sheet do anyways? There are many factors that encourage a business or sole entrepreneur to use balance sheets. In financial accounting, the definition of a balance sheet is a summary of the financial balances of some business organization such as a sole proprietorship or corporation. An example of one of these companies would be an LLC or LLP. The assets and ownership of something is listed in a balance sheet in a specific date form. It is often described as a short snapshot of how the company’s finances are doing.  (more…)

Cash Flow Statement

Vital Sections in Cash Flow Statement

I’ve mentioned before about understanding the worth of the cash flow statement, in this article I show you vital sections.  The statement will show one how a business cash is being obtained and used. It clearly brings together the net income with the accurate value of cash coming into the business and those leaving it. The cash flow shows what a firm is dealing in with its cash. It also shows how much the company gets and the source of the money. This is usually done at the end of every financial year. On a cash flow statement, any number that shows money is moving out of the business is termed as negative; for example, buying equipment. Cash flowing into the business is marked positive. In order to obtain a cash flow statement, one needs both a balance sheet and an income statement. It is important to note that half year financial statements are those reported in quarters that is those accumulated from the previous year. For one to determine this, it is important to get the financial statements during that period and subtracting values from each other.


Asset Management

Making Use of Asset Management Software and Companies

Most businesses purchase and implement may types of software for whatever line of work they happen to specialize in. One of the most critical factors in appropriately managing this aspect of your business is the use of software asset management systems. You will need to decide from a wide variety of asset management software and companies to find those that are the best fit for your company.  (more…)