Create Perfect Resume Format – How do I write a CV?

Whether it is a change of school, an application for a study or an application for an apprenticeship or a job – as a rule everyone comes to the question “How do I write a CV?”. This article deals mainly with the basic procedure for writing a CV and is intended to answer the following questions:

  • What should I do before I can start writing?
  • What should I think about before writing?
  • How do I write a CV?
  • What should I think about before I submit the CV?

Blank Resume Format Sample

Blank Resume Format Sample

Classic Resume Template

Classical Resume Template 2017


Resume Template – Electrical Engineering

Chronological Resume Format

Resume Format Freshers Chronological Template

In order to avoid forgetfulness during the writing process, it is advisable first to research and structure all the documents that have been written in his life. Documents relevant to the curriculum vitae include, for example, school certificates, work placements, certificates of work placements or work done. Certificates and certificates of further education or language skills are very interesting and important, depending on the application. The compilation and structuring of these documents before the writing of the CV saves time, since one does not have to dig in folders during the writing, on the other hand one still before the writing intensely with the previous personal career. In the structuring of the documents, one should also try to prioritize which documents are particularly important for the success of the application and which may not say much about their own competences.

Some thoughts before Using a Resume Template

Now that all the interesting documents are available and up-dated, it is advisable to think about how you should and should be able to present yourself and your skills in your CV. When applying for an apprenticeship or work place, the contents of the curriculum vitae should match the relevant vacancy and be coordinated with it. For this, it is helpful to first clarify the candidate profile for a company. This can be derived, for example, from the position display. A search on the Internet can also be revealing, as it may contain information on the characteristics and knowledge that an applicant should bring along in a particular profession or for a training place. A visit to the company website is not a mistake: You can see as an applicant how a company sees itself and align its own profile with the profile of the company. The following pages of a company’s web presence can be particularly interesting:

“About us”
Business Philosophy
Company history
The slogan of a company often expresses what a company attaches importance to.

How do I write a professional CV with Resume Formats?

Today’s most common form of the curriculum vitae is the tabular curriculum vitae. Characteristic for this type of CV is, as the name suggests, tabular structure (for a better illustration may be worth a look at the provided CV templates). Basically, the tabular curriculum vitae is a two-column table: The period in which you have performed an activity is entered in the left column. The right column shows the type of activity itself. The activities are grouped under headings. For example, all the previous stages of professional life can be found under the heading “Professional Experience”. Similarly, under the heading “school education”, all the stations you have passed through during your schooling career can be found. While it is still a good thing for schoolchildren to perform the elementary school because of their usually very short life, one should not give up the basic schooling after completing an education or study. The activities are arranged chronologically. In the case of shorter life cycles, this order may still be chronologically ascending; The longest standing activity is above and all subsequent activities are approaching the present. However, the American CV is widely used today, which is particularly suitable for longer CVs. In this case, the activities are listed chronologically descending / reverse, i.e. The most recent activity is above. At the beginning of a CV, the personal data of the applicant must always be found. These are also shown in tabular form.

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