The Differences Between a Boss and a Leader

Directing is an action that can evolve in different ways. It is not the same that conlleva- as the head, with all the associations to see as leaders. But what is the difference between a boss and a leader? What do you think? Let us see. 
 1. The boss says, “I,” the leader says “we”.
The head has a top view, vertically, to highlight the difference in rank between the worker and himself. In addition, the guide feels part of the team, in close collaboration with all. For example, if we were the boss about finishing a project for a particular date, “would have to finish the project before the end of the week,” while the leader would “need to finish the project before the end of the week”.

2.The boss inspired fear to trust the leader.
The boss can not take the workers to fulfill his obligations, and this is a point that is very sensitive. Instead, the leader is someone who is unable to meet the workers in his obligations and will not do anything to support him to dismiss him. And finally, he directs his head, during the guide’s leadership.
3.One looks for the perpetrator, the other solution.
Before a problem, the boss is often angry and quickly the perpetrator because of this difference, which we mentioned area. However, the leader, as identified with the group, is trying to find the solution to the problem. In this sense, one might say that the boss wants to improve his authority when the leader has a sense of cooperation.
4.Order vs. teach.
All you say, the boss is an order and must be enforced. The guide asks questions, worries about whether the employee is doing another task that can not be halfway. The guide would be a tighter person on a personal level and quite remote boss.
5.The boss may feel the power of his rank, and generally provides little-known personal lives of their workers. Being a leader is a partner to feel details about the lives of the workers and make them feel appreciated.

As you can see, the difference between a boss and a guide is notorious. And become the leader of the highest rated companies.

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