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Use yourmomhatesthis’s free resume templates and determine what resume format and structure is best for highlighting achievements in your career.

Download free resume templates in PDF, Word DOC and HTML. With high print quality and creative formats, build a professional resume and win your dream.

Resume templates  are the snapshot of what you are and what you can do. On the basis of your resume, the employers decide whether you will be best suited for a particular job or not. Employers just take about 5 to10 seconds for taking a look at a resume. If the resume is not good enough to capture the attention of the reader, he will just throw it away. They don’t even give you a second chance. That’s why it’s said that making a resume is not a child’s play.

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Resume Templates 19r02

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Resume templates and samples have solved the problem of many of those people who had been looking for ways to help them out in making a resume. If you are writing a resume for the first time then this piece of writing might help you. A resume is a formal document that must be as professional as it can be. No flashy colors, pictures or grammatical errors allowed to be included in this document.

Download : Resume Objective Template

Using the right keywords and effective titles combined with strong words explained in bullet formatting can help in making your resume effective. Here is a sample resume format that you can follow:

[Street Address, City][Social Secretly Number]
[Phone Number]
[Email Address]


Strong leadership skills and proven accomplishments perfect enough to propel an organization for achieving its goals and objectives.


Master’s Degree in Project ManagementUniversity of Salford, Manchester. 2000

B.A. Degree in Business Administration

Heriot-Watt University, Malaysia


Completion of Intensive Language Training Program

Maple Grove Institute, London, England


Career History & Accomplishments (if any)


Executive Program Director, Integrity IT solutionsProject Manager, Larson Groups.Assistant IT Manager, Larson Groups 2006 to current20052003

Memberships & Affiliations

  • Founding member of the Former Soviet Union Florida Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of American Association for Advancement of Slavic Studies
  • Member of Toastmasters International


•   Fluent in English, Spanish and German

  • Familiar with Linux, Unix, Windows, DOS


Personal Characteristics

  • Highly Motivated, Cheerful and Hardworking, and pleasant personality
  • Will be available on request

Download This Resume Templates : Resume-Templates-Free-Download

This is a sample format ( you can see others here ) for beginners. The more experienced you are, the more headings you can add into your resume.  When you are done with filling the qualifications and other details, make sure you proof read the resume 2 times. Even a single spelling error can make your resume go into the bin. With time, once you gather more and more experience, your resume will further be improved. Adding  a little job description under each of your work designation will make your resume even better.

How to get professionally written recommendation letters

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Income Statement

A Synopsis on Income Statement

Income Statement Overview. The income statement presents the financial results of a business for a stated period of time. The income statement is an essential part of the financial statements that an organization releases.

The other two are the balance sheet and the statement of cash flows. The income statement is divided into two parts: the operating and non-operating sections.

Business is all about profit and loss. The sole aim of establishing a business is to make profit. When a profit is not made, the business can be said to be retrogressing rather than progressing. Proper accounting helps a business to track its processes and know when it is progressing or going down the drain. This is why profit and loss account also known as income statement is highly important in a business. Income statement goes by several other names such as revenue statement, statement of financial performance, operating statement, statement of operations, earning statement and so forth.  (more…)


One must know on Business Invoice Templates

Invoice Templates – Download a free Invoice Template for Excel – Professionally designed for your business and easy to use. Select an invoice template from our free invoices templates list, save or send your invoice in minutes. And even get paid online through your own gateway.

One of the most important things in a business is an invoice. An invoice is a written record of goods and services provided to a customer together with the amount charged on the goods and probably the taxes and requisite payments on the goods and services. It is sent to the customer in order to request for payment. Usually, invoices are dispatched once the transaction is made but it can also be printed much later to request for the payment. In other words, invoice helps:

  • Facilitating payments and transactions.
  • It helps in presenting them clearly to avoid confusion and to give way for mutual understanding. (more…)
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Simple printable 2016 Calendar. Download and print for your home or office. Create a printable calendar for a large number of countries with holiday listed. Support for A4, letter and legal. Monthly and yearly calendars available.

Simple editable 2016 calendar samples are ready for download. These formats are created for business or individual purpose. All 2016 calendars are high resolution and ready for print. Just download and print them. You can download also .doc ( Ms. Word ) files for 2016 calendars.  (more…)

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2016 calendar is always useful for example to see if you have vacation. Download printable 2016 calendars. Multi purpose files are ready for download. 2016 Calendar – Best place for free 2016 online calendar. Online monthly calendar 2016 and printable 2016 holiday calendar are also available here.

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