Easy Ways to Make Yourself Eat Less

The end of February is the time of the year when most people must have broken their New Year resolutions and some would have even given up the hope of pursing them. You need to think again if you are trying to give up your New Year resolutions for weight loss or eating better. Keeping these resolutions is not easy most times but you can make it easy on yourself by tricking yourself to eat less and thereby achieving more success than you thought possible. Here are some takes on making this easy for you.

  • Feast with a Fast Eater

It is likely that you will finish at the same time with your eating partner, this occurs no matter how much of the food you partake of. Obviously, you will partake of fewer portions if you eat with someone who eats fast. The reverse is the case when you eat large meals with slow eaters. 

  • Eat off a smaller plate

You will eat less food when you eat off smaller plates. This is psychological; when you eat off a smaller plate, you tend to feel that you have eaten a plate of food when actually you have eaten little food compared to what you would have done if it was served in a big plate.

  • Dim the lights

In an experiment designed to study the effect of light intensity on the way people eat, it was discovered that in a dim light condition, people still ordered as much rich and high calorie food as they would have done in a bright light condition but they ate less of the food. Despite the fact they ate less food, they reported being happier and more satisfied after the meal. You can practice this at home.

  • Reduce the portions you take

People simply eat the foods served to them. In other words, if you serve yourself a small portion in lieu of a large one, you will simply eat less. Eat small portion of a food and check whether you are still hungry again. Eating two smaller portions is better than eating a single large portion that is more than your body requires.

  • Drink lots of water

It is usually observed that people who drink water while they eat crave for vegetable and not snacks and junks. It is not clear why this occurs but it seems to be prevalent in some people. To ascertain whether this will work for you or not, you simply have to try it.

  • Eat with larger fork

Contrary to what many people would expect, you will eat less if you eat with larger fork. Psychologists guess that this occurs because when you eat with large fork, it becomes clearer to you that you are consuming the food on your plates. This makes people to feel satisfied that they are actually achieving the aim of reducing the hunger and therefore they tend to eat less of the food.

  • Contrast your food and your plate

When the color of the food and the color of the plate contrast each other, you will serve yourself less quantity of food and thereby eat less of it. If you are disposed to do so, serve yourself food with a plate which has different color from the food that will be put on it.

  • Eat Appetite-Suppressing Foods

You will probably eat less than you would have done if you include appetite-suppressing foods like almonds, avocados, oatmeal and apples in your diet. Do not over do it. Although most of these foods are healthy foods, you do not have to over-eat any food.

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