Effective Human Resource Management

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Effective human resource management is unavoidable for improvement of operational and financial performance within an organization. Every business environment is made up of people, their skills and education, their characteristics and other qualities that are necessary for the good functioning of the organization. The employees of the organization are  the most important asset and their ability depends on growth and development of the organization. 

Effective human resource should consider following parameters:

  • The use of employment tests,
  • The linkage of compensation to job performance,
  • The survey and evaluation regarding attitude of employees,
  • The implementation of formal employee communication plans and programs

Good organization of employees is essential if one needs to achieve the goals of the company and better organizational structure. The employer needs to serve better the sector of human resource management. This type of management is actually a management activity which provides human resources and their development, customization, training and guidance. Human resources contribute to the success or failure of the organization, and this is why it is necessary that employees adhere to all policies and strategies of the company. High quality of human resources in enterprises can meet the challenges and demands that the company faces in the market.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management
Advances the human resource profession to ensure that HR is recognized as an essential partner in developing and executing organizational strategy

What is human resource management (HRM)?

Human Resource Management
Human resources managers plan, direct, and coordinate the administrative functions of an organization

Department of Human Resource Management is one of the key components of good organization scheme. Management takes place at all the levels and functions in the company, starting from the operational level of the business, up to the highest managerial structure. This sector has a certain goal, and it is directly related to individual performance indicators. It is necessary to define the results achieved by the human resource management:

  • It monitors the productivity and the quality performance of the employees.
  • The achieved results are directly related to the motivation of employees, and this contributes to the overall performance of the business. This sector increase motivation for better productivity and development of the organization on a long-term basis.

From the perspective of doing business, increasing productivity and improving the quality of working conditions contributes to the state of the art development and growth of the organization. Therefore, the organization becomes more flexible, and its operations more productive. There are number of factors that can affect the activity and the management of human resources. These factors as follows:

  • Internal factors are directly related to strategy and organizational structure and culture of the organization. They are also associated with the available technology.
  • The characteristics and habits of employees significantly affect these factors and are directly related.
  • The characteristics of the job are also associated with external factors that affect the business. External factors that have the biggest influence on the management of human resources are legislation in a given country, market trend and the specific requirements of the business environment.
Human Resource Management
Human resource management is a function in organizations designed to maximize employee performance in service of their employer’.

Selection and Recruitment Criterion

The recruitment and selection of an employee for the position should be defined with the help HRM. The most significant task is to seek for personnel within the organization because internally employment offers the possibility of delegating personnel who are already familiar with the operations of the organization. As a matter of fact, the selection of employees within the organization is possible by using the approach of HR that manages services from the outside as well. The process of searching a new employee is aimed at finding the best candidates who will be the right choice at a given moment of anticipated workplace. For this reason, recruitment is a key stage in the process of human resources management.

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