Effective Money Management with Free Personal Finance Apps

Getting your personal finances under control is one of the wisest choices you can make in these difficult times. We are often advised to create a well analyzed budget and then follow it with diligence and discipline, however, you will realize that it is one thing to create the budget and yet a different thing to develop the required discipline and diligence to follow it. Nonetheless, with some wonderful apps available today, you will not only be able to manage your income and expenditures but also you will be able to save some cash. 

Those who have been finding it difficult to manage their bills, income and spending can try any of the free personal finance apps described below as they will help them immensely.


Mint is produced by Quicken maker Intuit and it is a seamless personal finance app which brings together your income, spending and debt in a clear platform. More so, it is a free app.

Effective Money Management
Effective Money Management

This app synchronizes data from your financial accounts. These may vary depending on each person but could include your personal bank, college loan, retirement, credit card accounts and so forth. It then tells you the debts you owe and who you owe the debts. It also provides you a simple approach to paying the debts and an effective method of saving which will help you to reach your targeted financial height.

This app is most suitable for busy folks who may not have the time to manually and carefully input these financial processes. For each account you grant it permission, Mint traces and categorize your financial activities to help you in achieving a perfect budget. This app helps you to easily know your average spending in every category you choose. With it, you can easily make comparison of your monthly and yearly spending.


Expensify makes the addition of business expenses easy, less tedious and less frustrating. It creates organized reports for your expenditures for free in a graphical form. It also allows you to oversee business travel plans, track mileage through GPS and also monitor log and bill time worked with clients.

It also nullifies the use of paper receipts. With its SmartScan feature, you can easily and securely store printed receipts by taking a snapshot of them. You can as well categorize the receipts. IRS-guaranteed eReceipts are generated in this app for transactions on or below $75.

Perhaps the most powerful feature of this app is its SmartReports. The feature automatically fills out Excel spreadsheets for you and also attaches relevant digital receipts.


The word “Piggy” stands for “bank-inspired”. SmartPig is therefore a personal finance app that can help you to save money. However, to effectively make the most of this app, you have to create a free, FDIC-inspired SmartPig savings account. It does not cost anything to open the savings account; it is free in the same way with the app. This allows you to save money for different purposes and things. You can use it to set aside cash for purchasing a house, a car or for a vacation. The app makes it amazingly easy to save money for your goal at any given point in time through your tablet or phone.

In order to effectively transfer money to your SmartPig account, you will need to connect an available credit union savings, checking or bank account to your SmartPig account. You can have as many SmartPig accounts as you want created. The social sharing function of the app allows you to tell about the app in Facebook and Twitter. Balances between $0 and $50,000 in SmartPig accounts attract 0.995 percent interests.