Essentials for Writing Professional Resumes

A good resume has a certain structure and form. We show you what is important and how you can be sure.

Writing a good CV is not very difficult. It is important to be precise and to follow some basic principles. It is also important to work consistently. We have compiled the most important points on this topic for you. 

You can find this in the article:

  • The form of the CV
  • The photo on the resume
  • The structure of the CV
  • The form of the CV

A tabular CV should not be longer than two pages, since the individual application is usually devoted to only a few minutes. The most important thing therefore has to stand out when flying over.

To achieve this, it is important that the CV is clearly structured and well formatted. In principle, applicants should refrain from using a color other than black. The font type should be Times New Roman or Arial. Other font types can quickly lead to a dubious impression.

Types of Resumes

Types of Resumes

For some scholarships, a detailed CV or a handwritten CV may be desired instead of the tabular curriculum vitae. Here, one must pay particular attention to the requirements of the Foundation.

Downloadable Resume Format & Templates


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The photo on the resume

The application photo also provides an important contribution to the first impression. It should normally be placed at the top right of the first page of the tabular CV. If a cover sheet is attached to the curriculum vitae, the photo should be included. It is important that the photo is about the size of a passport. Too small a photo would be difficult for the observer to recognize, an overly large externals too strongly in the foreground and strongly depends on the actual qualification.

In the photo, applicants should make a friendly but self-confident impression. Private recordings should not be used in principle. A professional tabular CV should always contain a photo from a professional photo studio.

Cover Letter Sample Templates

The following points for a professional application photo should be considered:

  1. Clothes: You want to convey a serious impression. To do this you should wear business clothes in the photo, that is, a suit jacket and a shirt or a blouse. Men should wear a tie. Decent jewelery matching the jacket can be elegant in women. Too much jewelery is however untrustworthy.
  2. Format: The photo should range from just above the head to below the clavicle. Other formats are not common in applications.
  3. Facial expression: It is important to have a direct view into the camera and thus also to the viewer. This creates a self-assured and open-minded impression. A smile looks sympathetic and interesting.

The structure of the Resume

Basically, you should avoid gaps in the CV. If you can still avoid weaknesses such as gaps, bad grades in the testimonials and a long student’s life, you should be able to explain them well. Otherwise, this is quickly interpreted as a lack of determination and unreliability.

The list of stations in the tabular curriculum vitae is now backwards chronologically, which means that the last stations are listed first. This has the simple reason that more recent information about your person is usually much more relevant than events that are long ago. On the left the period and right the station should be listed.

Resignation letter samples – see sample employee resignation letters

In addition, you should be careful to set up your tabular curriculum vitae on the respective foundations or other institution you are applying for. This can be done, for example, by emphasizing stations which are of particular relevance to a specific funding institution. In addition, you can specify subpages to explain this station. In any case, you should formulate a new CV for each foundation and in no case simply send the application documents in duplicate to several!

Formatting Cover Letters Guide

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