Why You Fail While Others Reach Their Goals

If you watch “Wolf of Wall Street Sales Motivation” video , you see a bunch of disturbed highly motivated salespeople pushing each other and sharp on the quick money. What some repel and look like for a sect really shows the reason for success in all areas of life.

It’s about the right attitude.

People with a strong attitude sooner or later always reach their goals. No matter how many depths they are experiencing or how many cancellations they receive, they always find a solution.

Even if these people seem at first sight to be anything but trustworthy and serious, they still have the energy and strength necessary for great entrepreneurship.

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Without Attitude nothing goes

“A bad attitude is like a flat tire: If you do not change it, you will not come anywhere.”, A wise man once said.

Despite the enormous importance, only a few are concerned with the right attitude. Perhaps you have already come into contact with the term in books or seminars and have heard sayings like “Lose your Attitude!”, “Work on your damn Attitude!” Or “With your Attitude? No way!”.

Especially if you work in sales, right?

What is Attitude?

Attitude is – to put it simply – the mix of the most important qualities for a success-oriented life.

When you mix the ingredients of assertiveness, endurance, motivation, ambition, self-esteem, solution orientation, creativity, fun, avarice, concentration, optimism and energy, Attitude arises.

Attitude is based on the terms “inner attitude” or “mental attitude” and influences your reaction to delicate situations, difficult plans or other problems.

When your attitudes develop, change and optimize your expression, voice, body language, ideas, concentration and even your choice of clothes.

Especially for sellers who make a lot of telesales or cold quotes, you can see this phenomenon: because here the right attitude is crucial for success.

Let’s say you call a potential customer and prepare for the conversation. You look at the website, let you blog entries, browse through the entire picture gallery and find out how interesting and important this customer could be for you and your company.

“Oh, it seems quite important …” The first negative thoughts are already circulating in you. You’ll figure out what’s going to happen and how to deal with this situation.

“What should I do if he shouts at me? What can I say if he rejects me directly? How do I end the conversation best? “, Are questions that concern you.

Who would have guessed: Of course you control your doubts and you do not call the customer. There are just too many reasons to make this conversation tomorrow. At the latest, you should notice that your miserable attitude is the reason for your failure.

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