Company Finance

10 Secrets for a Good Pitch

Are you looking for investor financing? Before presenting your project, make sure you have a viable business model.

A great idea costs nothing, but turning it into a successful business is not cheap. Whether they need US $ 5,000 or US $ 500,000 to build their businesses, entrepreneurs often need to present their idea to potential investors to get financing. But this process can be very challenging.  (more…)

7 tips to travel without losing your customers

7 tips to travel without losing your customers

Before, traveling was a bet to disregard business or lose our customers. Today we can go on a trip while we close deals and win projects. It’s just a matter of making the right decisions.

Traveling is, most of the time, a reason for rejoicing and excitement, especially when the experience promises unforgettable moments, a partial disconnection from the routine and know geographies never before seen by our eyes. However, when you have business, clients or a demanding job, the reality is different.  (more…)

4 tips for your employees to know what to do in times of contingency

Use your company’s communication channels such as e-mail, screens, intranet, blackboards, corks, posters, etc.

Any contingency, whether an earthquake, a fire, a flood, can not be predicted in advance, so in any company or organization we must be prepared with signage, a team of brigadistas, an evacuation plan, among other elements.

To do this in OCCMundial we recommend that, through your communication channels like email, screens, intranet, blackboards, corks, posters, giveaways 4 simple tips so that your employees are prepared in times of contingency.  (more…)

Can Agriculture Provide Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs?

Can Agriculture Provide Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs?

Technology and the Internet – not agriculture or livestock – are likely to be the first things that come to mind when thinking about the future of work for young people. This makes sense from a historical point of view, since agriculture dispenses with labor when countries develop. And the traditional ways of producing food do not seem particularly attractive. However, technology and the Internet also open up opportunities for agriculture, and urbanization and changes in diet require new ways of processing, marketing and consuming our food. So, can agriculture provide employment opportunities for youth?  (more…)

Women entrepreneurs tell you how to overcome fear

Women entrepreneurs tell you how to overcome fear

Women who start businesses can accelerate salary parity. To do this, they must first overcome their fears.

In a world where the gender gap is the main obstacle to the labor and professional development of women as well as the lack of access to financing, misogyny, prejudice or family commitments; it requires social and cultural change, but, above all, that women overturn their internal obstacles.  (more…)

Human Resource Management

Is your Human Resources area strong and solid?

If you have not yet done a strategy in this area, here we tell you why it is so important to have one and how to achieve it.

Having a HR strategy in your company has never been so important, most leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs are constantly talking about the importance of “human capital.”

However, less than 10% have a solid HR area, those responsible for this area in Mexican companies are dedicated to payroll and sometimes to recruit, which does not generate an additional value to the company.  (more…)