Proper Fish Feeding

Do you feed your aquarium fish right! Feeding your fish is one of the most important care measures. The question how to properly feed the aquarium fish I answer in this article in detail.

What is the right feeding? As always, there is no universally valid answer for any situation. How the ideal feeding of your aquarium fish looks depends strongly on the cultivated species, the number of fish and the size of the aquarium. 

It is logical that the feeding is best adapted to the needs of your fish, that the feeding is varied.

How much feed? The right amount.

The right amount of food is different in each aquarium. You need to find out for your aquarium what the right amount of food is. Not too much and not too little, that is the goal. So you do this:

Not too much

Most beginners in the aquaristics feed their fish too much. Are you also part of it and prefer to feed something more so that no fish have to go hungry? Or do you feed more often because you or others like the fish so much when eating? Not a good idea.

How do you know if you feed too much? Here are some examples: You probably feed too much, if your fish are really spherical – this is not very healthy for the animals. Too much is also, if also after 5 minutes and longer still food in the aquarium floats around. An exception here can be feed tablets, because these are often from the catfish slowly grinded off.

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