Complete Guide On Flowcharts And Symbols Used In It

Flow charts are used in building a project of any type and any size. Whether you are building a large project or a small one, you need to use the flowchart so that you can get the information and flow of the project properly. Flowcharts are very useful which make us understand the project and the problem statement of the project. A flowchart can be defined as a type of representation of a process which uses graphical symbols. The flowchart is represented in many steps where, each step will represent a process in the project. The steps are written in a neatly drawn graphical symbols or diagrams that will give you a detailed description and information on that particular step of process. These steps and diagrams are connected to each other with the help of arrows with an arrowhead. The arrow head of the line will indicate the flow of the process.

There are many flowchart symbols or diagrams but few of them are commonly used for all projects and processes which are listed in this article. It is important to remember the meaning of each symbol or diagram because they differ from one another. They are the following symbols:

  • Terminator
  • Process
  • Decision
  • Connector
  • Data
  • Document

A terminator is a symbol which is in oval shape and is used to indicate the starting and ending of the process in the project. A process is a symbol that is in rectangular shape which will show the normal process and step. A decision symbol is in diamond shape which is used in defining the process’s branch. A connector is another common symbol which is shaped in the circle and is used to show the jump in the flow of the process.  Data is another symbol in parallelogram used to show the inputs and outputs in the process. A document is used to show the document.

Flowcharts are favorite tools used by many engineers. They will help them in understanding the process easily and saves time. Flowcharts can be used to improve the process and to characterize it. There are different ways in which you can use a flow chart. These flowcharts will help you to view the entire process in a short time. You can get a snapshot of your process or business plan in just a single glance. With the help of flowchart, the complexity in the process can be defined with the help of flowchart symbols that are used in the process.

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