Formal Resignation Letter Templates

Quality, easy, short, formal, official resignation letter formats for personal, family, health or other medical reasons. You can use these letter of resignation samples for immediate sitiuations.

  • Thank the employer

Courtesy is important in your resignation letter. Even if you are unhappy with the employer, try to apply some courteous behaviors. Thank the employer for the time you spent in the company and for the training you received while working with them.

If you are a teacher or manager or office staff or production worker or whoever else, you should give important affects on your co-workers. Because of this stop grievance and write a formal & polite quit letter. This is what a professional company employee should do.

Formal Resignation Letter – How to Write?

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  • Give the employer some time

You should not just submit your resignation letter and ask to leave the job the same day. You need to give the employer some time to employ someone who will take over your position. It is usually recommended that you give the employer a minimum of two weeks before you leave the job in order for them to get a replacement for you. Don’t forget to say “Thank You” in your resignation.

A good resignation letter will go a long way in helping to enhance your employment history. Thus, you should try as much as possible to write a professional, friendly and courteous resignation letter to your boss. The employer and the company could be of a great help to you in the future and that is why making the resignation top notch is very important.



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