Has Iran Really Stopped its Nuclear Projects?

One would really wonder why the US would ever trust Iran’s pretence. The US and the P5+1 should have known that Iran has been a master in deceit. Every evidences point hands to the fact that Iran is only pretending to stop its nuclear weapon project while in the actual sense it still continues with it. Of course, it has reduced the rate at which the project is carried out but surely the project is not stopped. If you are still uncertain whether or not Iran has stopped its nuclear projects, the following few points should convince you. 

  • Iranian Administration Not Changed

If there is anyone the US should trust, it is obviously not Mohammed Javad Zarif, the Iranian Foreign Minister and Hassan Rouhani the president. The name of the regime has not changed since the revolution in 1979. The US should note that the notorious Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is succeeded by Hassan Rouhani who claims to be cool just to win the heart of Washington and indeed he has succeeded in winning it. Furthermore, the predecessor of the supposed cool Prime Minister, Javad Zarif was Ali Akbar Salahi who is known for trying to advance the nuclear program stealthily.

Iran Really Stopped its Nuclear Projects 1

  • Iran Has Been Known For Deceit

Iran truly excels in deceit. It did it years ago and still doing the same today. Some years ago, Iran hid its nuclear program at the side of a mountain and it took America four years to discover it. Obviously, Iran wants to further its nuclear program in stealth this time around. It will even surprise you to note that Iran is proceeding with its nuclear program at the present time.

Iran Really Stopped its Nuclear Projects 4

  • Iran Not Only Threatens the World But Also Its Own People

If Iran threatens the world but does well to its people that would have been better but Rouhani is notorious for executing minorities and dissidents in the country. Records show that up to 537 people have been murdered in Iran within a space of 8 months. It is clear that Iran is the supporter of virtually every terrorist group in the world. It threatens the neighboring nations, Arabs and it is still ranting for the destruction of Israel.

Iran Really Stopped its Nuclear Projects 3

Indeed one would really wonder why the US and the P5+1 would be bemused by Iran and be charmed by Rouhani. The US has given up the pressure on its tough sanction program of Iran. Of course, there are lots of wonderful reasons why the US would give up the pressure, perhaps for the sake of diplomacy. However, it is important to note that if Iran advances the course of its nuclear program, the world in general would suffer it greatly but the United States would be the first target of Iran. Even though Iran pretends to make friends with the US, it is looking for every possible way to launch an attack and that is what the United States and the Obama Administration should put into consideration.

Iran Really Stopped its Nuclear Projects 2

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