Highlights That Await You in Ostrava – Undiscovered Treasure of the Czech Republic

Ostra … what? But you read correctly – Ostrava. This town called Ostrava is located in the east of the Czech Republic, almost on the border with Poland. I have not heard of it before, but I have been invited to the Beats for Love Festival in Ostrava and wanted to get a picture of it.

Places that not everyone knows I find always interesting. And at first sight, Ostrava seems dull and dull. A typical industrial city that flourished in the 19th century in the course of coal mining and the related iron industry. 

But if you take a closer look, you will discover a city with incredibly exciting corners and many facets, breathtaking industrial monuments, great restaurants and a lively festival culture.

It is definitely a city in which you can fall in love with the second view.

1. Dolní Vítkovice Industrial Park – Witkowitz Iron Works

Witkowitz Iron Works (Vítkovické železárny) are only 5-10 minutes away from the center of Ostrava by tram, so they are almost right in the middle. The industrial park is reminiscent of the Landschaftspark Duisburg, but this is much more gigantic. He once made the city of Ostrava a thriving and important city.

The park consists of many parts with the low-roof Důl Hlubina, the blast furnaces, conveyor bridges and industrial and administrative buildings.

Entering this city of steel you are overwhelmed by the huge tangle of towers and pipes. The whole area is fascinating and reminds especially science fiction movies like Blade Runner. Among other things, the film Babylon AD with Vin Diesel was filmed here.

The old gasometer called “Gong” was rebuilt and is used multifunctionally. Both as a theater, lecture hall for students, for meetings or concerts.

During a guided tour of Dolní Vítkovice, you can enter the world of iron production in a clear way. You will learn all sorts of stories, such as in this gasometer, with gas for production, at the end of the second world war bombs.

However, this did not explode and was dormant for 25 years because the workers quickly repaired the roof of the gasometer. And this is just one of the many stories, so absolutely recommendable.

By the way: from here came the bolts for the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty, which still hold the famous steel constructions to this day!

2. Beats for Love Festival

Since 2013, the Beats for Love Festival has been held on the premises of the Witkowitz Iron Works, among other festivals. With more than 40,000 visitors, the festival is one of Europe’s biggest electro festivals and offers over three days a great program with more than 300 Dj’s and artists on 16 stages. And this is distributed in absolutely spectacular scenery and great atmosphere on over 100,000 square meters.

Fans of electronic music will get their money’s worth. It’s all about drum, bass, trance, house, techno and hardcore. There are various chillout zones to relax, numerous possibilities something to drink or to eat and a beer costs just 1, -EUR.

And who, like me, does not stand on human masses: the terrain is extensive and therefore you always find a quiet place. There is almost no crowds and you always have enough space. Even on the dance floor.

Well, I also think that this festival does not have to sleep in a tent and in bad weather is up to the neck in the mud. You can simply drive comfortably with the tram into his hotel, quietly sleep, comfortably breakfast and the next day again.

3. Bolt Tower

Did you know that Usain Bolt has high altitude? And that he regularly comes to Ostrava for training and competitions? He has also tried to break the 300m record, but unfortunately failed.

He likes it so much in Ostrava that the city named the blast furnace No. 1 in the industrial park Dolní Vítkovice after him. The problem is, however, that Usain Bolt has high altitude. He was not very happy when he had to go to the tower for the initiation, but he still left his signature there.

The tower is 78 m high and you can experience a great panoramic view of Ostrava and the industrial area. Stupid, if you can not really enjoy it. Because it is really impressive!

At the top of the tower there is even a café. And drumherum you can walk on the platform if you dare. Over an old load elevator you drive up and over a new normal elevator at the side like

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