Home Windows Designing Tips Easily

Your bare windows can be given a perfect touch with the easy, quick and affordable window treatment methods provided here. These methods will keep you going and help you to achieve the best result in window treatment.

Fold and Tuck

Your hitherto plain window can be transformed into a creative outlook with top notch folding technique. Get two sheer window panels to begin creating the curtain. Divide the first equally into two square parts and have the other panel laid on the floor. The opposite corners should be pinned in the center of the square on the squares. In addition, have the pinned pieces laid on the full panel to create a pattern to suites you; also ensure that the corners slightly overlap.

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From all angles

It is easy to make plain curtains attractive. You can easily achieve the attractiveness you desire in a plain curtain with stitched on triangles which have various colors of satin. To make the most of it, choose some fabrics which have harmonious colors and patterns. Then, cut out triangular shapes in some sizes and sew the shape you want to produce a flowing and harmonious pattern.

The power of flower

Make your plain white curtain to become exceptional by decorating it with simple decoration. Trace out a 3 inch diameter drinking glass on the flower fabric to begin creating a rose shaped decoration. Repeat the same process until you have five circles of the same size for each of the rosette. Cut out the traced circles and have them folded into one-fourth of their sizes. Stitch all the quarter circles together with a needle and thread at the bottom of the flowers while holding them in your hands. Produce as many rose shaped decorations you want and have them stitched to the different curtain panels of varying heights.

From the flower to the base of the curtain panel, run a bead of fabric glue. On the glue, place green yarn of about some lengths and wrap it under the base of the panel. Glue it to the back of the curtain. From green cotton fabric, cut out leaf shapes and have it positioned close to the yarn. Run a straight stitched down the center of the curtain and also run it around the edge in order to secure the mix.

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No-Sew Roman Shade

It can take hours to assemble this Roman blind as it is made from miniblind and upholstery fabric of midweight. To begin with, place the blind on the surface of your work and have the front of the blind facing downwards. Adjust the plug below the thick bottom slat in line with the instructions given on the packaging in order to set the length to the required dimension. In addition, slice off just the strings which link the slats on the two sides. Ensure that the slats are maintained at an interval of 7 inch, separate and remove the remaining parts. Have the fabrics facing downwards and placed under the blind. Mark off where the fabric folds at the sides, bottom and top of the slats. Next, take off the shade and press the folded fabric. Have the fabric placed under the shade and get the sides of the fabric glued to each of the slat. Also glue the top and bottom of the fabric to the top and bottom of the slats. While the fabric is getting dry, hold it in place with clothespins and have your no-sew Roman shade produced. The steps listed above will ensure that you come up with a nicely decorated window with simple but embroidered curtain.

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