How to Make Yourself More Hirable

You can attract the attention of hiring managers fast if you know what to do and do them. Complacency has no place when it comes to finding a new job. You have many things to do to become hired and by doing them, you will become more hirable to potential employers. The below mentioned tips can get you hired if you apply them now or in the near future. 

Get rid of socially inappropriate post and comments

Many job seekers have gotten jobs and positions with social media that they would hitherto not be able to obtain. Your social media is simply an extension of your resume and you need to envision it in this wise. Get rid of every picture, commentary, memes you would not want a potential employer to see in your social media page. Such posts and comments may portray a wrong picture of you which will make you not hirable.

Dedicate time towards upgrading your social media

Together with removing things that look embarrassing and that paint a negative picture of you from your Facebook page, you should also dedicate time towards updating your profile in social networks like Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and so forth. This could be a wonderful opportunity to learn how to open an account with these platforms and find out the best way these platforms can be leveraged to your advantage. It has been known that hiring managers often do searches via these online platforms to find employers who have skills and experiences they want in their jobs.

Update your resume

You need to have your resume updated to get ready for the new job. Updating your resume goes beyond merely adding dates to your last job history, you need to do more than that. Since you now have more experiences, it is high time you dedicate time in restructuring the information contained in your resume. Before setting up your resume, you should carefully think of the things that are more important than others and this should be reflected in the structure of your resume. Above all, ensure that your resume is professional, concise and neatly structured.

Change your email

If you really want to be important and taken seriously in the job market, it is very pertinent that you choose profession email. This might mean changing your email to something more professional. This is because some hiring managers may be discouraged on noticing the casual and informal email address. To get the best result, assign the email for business correspondence only and try to use a variation of your own name. Ensure that the new email is added to your resume and social profiles.

Understand the requirements

You need to understand what is required in a new hire. This can be easily achieved by taking a look at various job postings. You can easily learn what people want in a job candidate and hence make yourself suitable for the position you are looking for in your industry.

Go outside of the box in your network

You do not just have to stick to applying for job postings on the newspaper or the internet; you can get yourself a good job in a variety of ways. One of the ways of achieving this is to socialize with people new places. One of the ways of achieving this is volunteering. This involves serving the community, however, it fetches you benefits which you would have otherwise not have had access to. Such benefits might include connection with people in high places. Your social consciousness and skills might be boosted by volunteering.

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