How to Send the Best Birthday Wishes

When a child is born, the parents deem it fit to record the day of the child, which is why a lot of people still remember and celebrate their birthdays, till date. Birthday wishes come once in a year, and so does birthday celebrations. Everyone is usually glad when birthday wishes and encomiums are being showered on them.

However, did you know that there are an avalanche of ways to send your loved ones the best birthday wishes ever? Here are some mediums you could adopt:

1. Through Face book

More than ever before, he social media has made it really possible, for just about anyone to send the best birthday wishes. So, you can write on the walls of your friends, or leave them a message, regarding best birthday wishes you want for them.

2. Twitter

If you have a twitter account, then you can also make the day of your friends and loved ones, by sending them birthday wishes, through this means.

3. Email

The good old emailing system can be a great medium to send those birthday wishes. You can send your friends and loved ones a customized email. This kind of medium makes it possible for them to see the mail once they are logged in.

4. Text Messages

Since everyone goes around with their phones, it becomes even easier for you to send your birthday wishes, so that they can see and acknowledge receipt.

5. Phone calls

Nothing would make the day of a celebrant, like putting a call through to them, telling them about the birthday wishes you want for them. Phone calls have been an old tradition, and so can not go into extinction.

6. E-Birthday cards

There is an avalanche of birthday cards; available electronically on different e-card websites. You too can adopt one of them for birthday wishes.

7. Cards

There are a myriad of cards with the best birthday wishes on it, in the stores and malls. You can walk into any of the good gift shops around you, so that you can get a good, with the best birthday wishes card to be addressed to the celebrant.

8. Radio Program

You would have made the day of a celebrant, if you sent them birthday wishes through the radio. All you need to do, is to ask the celebrant to listen in, as you call to send your wishes.

9. Ask Friends to call

You can also add more surprise to the celebrant’s day, by asking friends and loved ones, to send their birthday wishes, by putting a call through.

Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes

Are these 1ll the mediums to send birthday wishes?

You bet not. There are other ways you can send birthday wishes to your friends and loved ones. There is no hard and fast rule to it. It all depends on the type birthday wishes, and what you intend to achieve with it.

Do not forget that sending the best birthday wishes would make the day of the celebrant. It pays to recognize this, and use it maximally.

Birthday Wishes Samples

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