Important but Difficult Conversations You Need to Have With Your Spouse

Open communication is very important in long-term and committed relationships. This will help you to know what your partner is up to and what they are thinking and feeling. However, the thoughts and feelings are not usually positive but it is better to be open than giving room to disagreements and discords. In case you feel that something is going wrong with your relationship, then definitely, it might be one of these factors discussed below. You will learn how to constructively initiate the conversation on such issues and tackle the matter. 

  • Finances

Financial infidelity simply means lying to or hiding your financial debts and difficulties from your spouse. When you hide your financial difficulties and debts from your spouse, you create a difficult situation in your home. You need to let them know the financial difficulty as it will help you to deal with stress which may come from hiding things. However, you also need to let them know that you are working on it and you also have to work on it.

On the other hand, if you suspect that your spouse could be spending more than you two can afford at the present time, it is important that you sit him or her down and discuss the issue before it turns into a discord.

  • Your job situation

In their quest to protect their partners, some couples may try to hide negative things in their lives from them. However, when you notice any sign of job insecurity, the best thing to do for yourself is to discuss it with your partner.

If you feel that you might be laid off from your job, you have to discuss it ahead of time with your spouse. This will help both of your to be prepared for what is about to happen. If you tell your partner much later, when it might have occurred, especially when you knew ahead of time, it might result to the loss of trust in your relationship.

  • Kids

Some folks love kids and love being with them all the time. Such folks understand what is obtainable in parenting. This is unlike some other kinds of people who do not have patience with kids and would rather live a lifestyle that does not involve training children.

In case your partner is different from you in this sense, it is important you two discuss your feelings with him or her as soon as possible. If you just keep watching them in hope that they will soon change, that may not really happen. However, if they refuse to adjust to your feelings, you need to make a careful decision as regards your relationship.

  • Lifestyle Habits or appearance

Changing lifestyle habits is a huge problem in relationship. It can result to change in physical appearance in such a way that the partners no longer get attracted to one another. Such conversation is a very difficult one and you have to be careful in order not to hurt their feelings. However, you have to let them know that this is not what you bargained for and how it has been affecting your love life and their health. Approach it from the angle of love and avoid judgmental tones. You can use “I” and “me” rather than “you” and think carefully about your words in order for your partner not to feel attacked.

  • Intent and Impact

Intent has to do with what you are saying and impact relates to how it affects others. Everyone has or deserves to have emotional needs. People need to feel loved, safe and important. This is why they go into relationships. If you feel that your partner is not satisfying your emotional needs, then you need to make it clear. This is a delicate discussion and you need to carefully choose your words. Rather use “I” and “me” instead of “you” to make your partner understand that you are emotionally hurt.


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