Will IPhone 5s Beat Samsung Galaxy S4 With Its Latest Features?

Compare Mobile Phones Specification of Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Apple iPhone 5s . You can Compare Display, Storage, Camera, Connectivity, Communication.

The battle between Samsung and Apple is always on, in the market and in the courts too. Without a doubt, Samsung has been the most intimidating competitor for Apple in the past and by now it has proved that Apple is not the monopoly when it comes to smartphone and tablet market. It now seems that Apple, which was the leader in the past, is finding ways to compete with Samsung’s smartphone and tablet lineup. This reversal of roles is definitely a big twist in the story and with the new iPhone 5s Apple seeks way to beat Samsung Galaxy S4

To put words truthfully, Apple will not be able to knock Samsung out completely with its smartphones and tablets after all the name that Samsung has earned in the recent years. Comparing iPhone 5s from Apple to Samsung Galaxy S4, here is what you should know.

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The battle in the field of processors is very blurry since Apple has announced its new 64-bit chip and claiming higher speeds while playing games but the RAM for both, the iPhone 5s and Galaxy S4, remains 2GB. Talking about internal memory, you can go for 16, 32 and 64GB for both the phones so there is no difference here but the biggest addition of availing an external card in Galaxy S4 again gives it advantage over iPhone 5s. If you like lighter smartphones, the iPhone 5s is definitely lighter than Galaxy S4.

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Even with so many changes in specs iPhone 5s does nothing with the screen resolution and technology. It is still the same Retina display with 326ppi and 1136×640 resolution compared to 441ppi and full HD 1920×1080 resolution of Galaxy S4. Even when it comes to the screen size you won’t see Apple doing anything extra with it so those who like bigger screens on their smartphones would definitely pick Galaxy S4. One great addition to iPhone 5s is definitely the fingerprint access right from the main screen. Now you unlock the phone by pressing your finger on the screen and having your fingerprints match the stored prints.


Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4

We can’t say much about the success of the fingerprint technology since Galaxy S4 is much appreciated for allowing its users to perform a lot of stuff without even touching the screen. Apple has made improvement in its camera by increasing the size of the sensor but Galaxy S4 remains on top with its 13-megapixel camera and a front facing camera at 2-megapixel. However, performance-wise and with the new True Tone dual LED flash on the camera of iPhone 5s it gives even better pictures than before so you can give this point to iPhone for sure.

Battery timings are entirely dependent on how you use the phone but on the paper Apple gives the maximum talk time with its battery at 10 hours while it is 17 hours for Galaxy S4. Lastly, online reviews and comparisons should only be taken as a way of giving information to the users and users must know that at the end they are fully free to choose their favorite phone.