Is your Human Resources area strong and solid?

If you have not yet done a strategy in this area, here we tell you why it is so important to have one and how to achieve it.

Having a HR strategy in your company has never been so important, most leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs are constantly talking about the importance of “human capital.”

However, less than 10% have a solid HR area, those responsible for this area in Mexican companies are dedicated to payroll and sometimes to recruit, which does not generate an additional value to the company. 

What differentiates one company from another is the capacity of its people, casually the biggest successes are companies with highly efficient work teams, teams that are synchronized and looking for a common goal, employees who have the t-shirt put on and who struggle to achieve the goals of the company.

Human Resource Management
Human resources managers plan, direct, and coordinate the administrative functions of an organization

This scenario is uncommon in Mexican companies, it is believed that because SMEs have access to talent, it is limited or worse, employers see their employees as passengers and, therefore, there is no investment in constant learning, career and in making work enjoyable in their companies.

It seems that the Mexican entrepreneur seeks out those who do operative work instead of looking for heads that innovate and add value to his company.

Through our consulting services we have been able to apply organizational climate surveys to different turns, in 80% of cases employees do not feel fulfilled in the functions they perform. Will they ultimately seek to bring more value than is expected of them? How much are we involving our people in the processes of the company? And most importantly how much are you investing in your people?

Sometimes we believe that because it is a SME, we are destined to have middle-level people, when in fact any Mexican company can be the best place to work, and if we involve employees in the strategy of our companies we can have people who contribute and who grow the company.

We have to invest in every way in our people, we have to awaken the potential that they have inside and make them contribute to the strategy of the company.

Having a solid and lively organizational culture, gives employees meaning, makes them belong and transcends in their work, we need to turn to look inward and remove those values ​​”cliches” that sometimes do not appeal to the reality of our companies.

We need to know how to recognize our people when things are done in the expected way and we need to delegate more responsibilities, as well as let people know that it brings value to the company, and that those people not only see their work for what they earn in the fortnight, the challenge is to make everyone fall in love with their work.

The area of ​​HR in Mexican companies has to organize fewer birthday cakes and should focus on using employees to meet the objectives, identify the talent of employees to optimize results and ensure that each person is a complement to reach it.

SMEs should focus on three factors in their HR strategy:

  • Alignment of business objectives and efficient systems of evaluation and remuneration of performance
  • Efficient design of organizational structures
  • Create a unique organizational culture

Human resources have to add value by making efficient development and retention systems, they have to ensure that they have the talent, as well as having efficient compensation systems that motivate and pay the work done fairly.

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