LED Lights for the Different Parts of Your Home

LED lights are the in thing today, for they are efficient and have a long service life.  Although they are more costly than the traditional ones, LED lights are worth the investment as they are built with higher quality and more proficient materials.  Moreover, you can create several amazing effects with the right combination of LED lights.  There are now countless available types of LED light that range from cool to warm colors.  Whatever lighting scheme that you want to achieve for the different parts of your home — LED lights certainly have the right one for you.

Led Lights

  • LIVING ROOM.  Bouncing light is favored when it comes to the living room since it adds brightness and warmth.  This type of lighting can be achieved by incorporating valance lighting or light which is concealed behind a board at the intersection of the wall and ceiling.  Bouncing light can also be attained by plugging in lights that are directed towards the wall.  You can place a table lamp near a reading chair for task lighting.  In order to accentuate the focal point of your living room such as bookshelves or paintings, you can place uplights on the floor.
  • KITCHEN.  Under-cabinet LED lighting is the ideal approach to light up the counter work areas rather than overhead lighting since the latter will emit shadows.  A fundamental and simple light plan of the kitchen is to equip a central overhead fixture that shall provide the overall light with under-cabinet supplying task lighting for counters and soffit lighting for the sink.  If you want to show off your silverware and plates in glass cabinets, you may opt to use rope and puck LED lighting which can be concealed behind faceframes and cabinet tops, respectively.

Led Lights

  • BATHROOM.  The usual lighting fixture for the bathroom is a central light that is mounted on the ceiling.  However, this always results to casting shadows in the rooms.  Hence, for an improved bathroom look, you may choose on mounting the bathroom lights on the wall.  Furthermore, the light for the mirror can also be placed at the either side of the wall; thus, giving you enough illumination when you utilize the mirror.
  • DINING ROOM.  The most recommended lighting plan for the dining room is cove lighting that is placed on the ends of opposing walls.  In that way, there will be not only be proper brightness as one eats his food away, but it shall also provide a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.  You may also add a dimmable chandelier hanged over the table to provide task lighting.
  • BEDROOM.  You may use the traditional table LED lamps for your light during bedside reading time; but you may also want to experiment with the more contemporary wall-mounted light fixture that has adjustable arms.  It is better to avoid lightings that are fixated on ceilings in order to avoid a gloomy mood.  Stick to wall-mounted lights for your overall light, as well as those for the bedside and dresser in order to create a soothing ambience in the bedroom.

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