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Make Your Computer Faster for Free

Make Your Computer Faster for Free

If your computer is older, it collects fragments of temporary files and as a result, the hard drive is loaded. When sufficient time has passed, you will notice a significant difference in the processing speed of your computer. While you can not completely prevent slowing a computer over the course of time, you can do a few things to improve the processing speed to shorten the duration of the boot.  (more…)

Highlights That Await You in Ostrava - Undiscovered Treasure of the Czech Republic

Highlights That Await You in Ostrava – Undiscovered Treasure of the Czech Republic

Ostra … what? But you read correctly – Ostrava. This town called Ostrava is located in the east of the Czech Republic, almost on the border with Poland. I have not heard of it before, but I have been invited to the Beats for Love Festival in Ostrava and wanted to get a picture of it.

Places that not everyone knows I find always interesting. And at first sight, Ostrava seems dull and dull. A typical industrial city that flourished in the 19th century in the course of coal mining and the related iron industry.  (more…)

10 Travel Books You Should Read As a World Traveler

10 Travel Books You Should Read As a World Traveler

Travel book Inspiration – 30 travel books, which you should read as a world traveler

Finding good travel books is not easy. There are just sooooo many books to choose from. This is why we have compiled our personal travel book tips on travel, world travel and adventure.

Beginning with exciting adventure reports, inspiring picture books and culinary adventures with recipes from all over the world, everything is there. Some of the books are also simply beautiful to scroll through to dream countries. We hope this selection will serve you as a good inspiration for your own travels. (more…)

Making Big Career Change Guide

Making Big Career Change Guide

If you’ve been thinking of making a major change in your life but the fear of failure is holding you back, I really think you’re gonna love this post.

This question is from Regani who writes: “Hi, I’m 32, recently divorced, and a mother of a wonderful 3 and a half year old boy. I’ve been working in the health insurance field for over 5 years now. I work alongside nurses and hearing them talk about their cases and reviewing charts has made me want to go into the field of nursing. The biggest thing that’s holding me back is fear of failure. I’m afraid I won’t have the motivation to keep up with studying and would fail at my classes. I’m hoping that you can guide me in the right direction. Thank you for all you do.” (more…)

Psychophysiological Assessments - Abnormal Psychology

Psychophysiological Assessments – Abnormal Psychology

By the end of this post, you will be able to describe the four broad categories of clinical assessment: clinical interviews, psychological tests, behavioral assessments, and psychophysiological assessments. If you were to imagine what a therapy session looks like, most people imagine sitting across from the psychologist and having a conversation about what brought them to therapy in the first place. Well, this is an example of a clinical interview, which is the first category of clinical assessment. A clinical interview is a conversation between an interviewer and a client. The purpose is to gather a variety of information and make judgments related to the client’s situation and future goals.  (more…)

Convert Your Tablet to a Laptop - Yes It's Possible

Convert Your Tablet to a Laptop – Yes It’s Possible

First off, this isn’t a painless transition. Most notebook computers have many times more power than a tablet. And they usually have much more screen real estate as well. If you’re used to a 17 inch display, or you know, three of them, this is probably not a leap you want to make. And even if you go for a gargantuan, like the large iPad Pro? Some stuff is just going to be more clumsy on a mobile operating system. And whether you’re willing to deal with that, depends on how much you value the benefits you get in return. For me, the most crucial of those benefits is, surprise, mobility.  (more…)