Make Your Computer Faster for Free

If your computer is older, it collects fragments of temporary files and as a result, the hard drive is loaded. When sufficient time has passed, you will notice a significant difference in the processing speed of your computer. While you can not completely prevent slowing a computer over the course of time, you can do a few things to improve the processing speed to shorten the duration of the boot. 

1- Holding the ALT and CTRL keys and press Delete. This will open the Task Manager on your PC. If you have a lot of programs that start at startup when you log into yourcomputer, you‘re probably with several minutes of general slowdown to do. Disabling startup programs will fix this problem.

2- Click the “Task Manager” option. In the Task Manager, you can change or stop processes.

3- Click on the tab “Start”. This is on top of the window. By clicking you can see a list of the programs that are started when you start your PC.

Make Your Computer Faster

4- Click on a process you want to disable. Note that “disabling” a process does not disable it in terms of execution in general; Instead, the program is automatically prevented from being raised automatically.

5- Click the “Disable” button. You will find this in the lower right corner of the Task Manager window. You can also right-click on a process and then click “Disable” in the context menu.

6- Repeat this for all relevant programs. Programs that consume a lot of memory include Skype, Steam, and most antivirus programs.
If you are not sure which program you should disable, check the “Load at Startup” column on the right side of the Task Manager; In general, you should disable all programs rated “high” or “medium”.

7- Close Task Manager when finished. To get the most out of this, you need to clean up the menu with the hidden icons.

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